Monday, November 12, 2007

0 Calling All Runners & Bloggers: Help Petition Digg For Our Own Separate Category!


Hello there fellow runners, bloggers, & general sports enthusiasts,

Isn't it time we runners got recognized by Digg as an important segment of the general sports population by getting a separate category of our very own?!!!!

So, with this goal in mind, I ask you to please digg this article as way to get Digg to pay attention to our request. Alternatively, you can email Digg at to tell them that it's time we got our own separate sports category to distinguish us from the herd!

If your sick of having to scroll through the "Other Sports" section to find all of your favorite running articles & would rather see them grouped together in one easy-to-find spot, just take two seconds out of your day to email them about it!

Thanks! If they hear from enough of us runners out there in cyberspace, there's a good chance we can compel them to take action & add a new category for us runners!

This is also a way for as runners/runner-bloggers to increase visibility for our sport & our blogs!

This way, everyone wins! So help everyone out -- me, yourself, & the entire running community -- all at the same time!

Thanks for supporting this effort!


P.S. If you email them & would like to let me know, you're welcome to add your comments to this post. Thanks again!

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