Saturday, November 10, 2007

4 Couldn't Help Myself! Hopped On The Scale Again & Lost Another 1.6 Pounds!


I know I said I was going to weigh myself every 2 weeks, but after last night's very strong run, I had the sneaking suspicion I might've lost some more weight. So I weighed myself again this morning.

Well, what can I say?! I was correct in that assumption! In a matter of 3 days, I lost another 1.6 pounds & also another 0.8% percentage body fat. Yippee!!!!!

Those faster, shorter runs are sure paying off!

Weight loss tally thus far to date: A total loss of 20 pounds since 7/21/07, & a loss of 2% body fat since 10/8/07.


kab625 said...

Congratulations. I've managed to lose about 20 pounds also. Doesn't it feel great? Now if I can just avoid "rewarding" myself with cookies (I love sweets). Thank goodness apples are in harvest.

Abimars said...

someone's definately on a roll!

cymrusteve said...

Congrats!! Keep up the great work. I'm sure if you keep dropping the pounds, you'll easily stay motivated....

cyberpenguin said...

Wow, thanks everyone! I just got back tonight from salsa dancing in the city with a bunch of friends, & it was really a wonderful surprise to see all of your comments! Like bunch of presents wrapped with gigantic bows, waiting for me at home. 8-)

kab625, congrats on your weight-loss accomplishment! That's excellent! I'm sure you feel so proud & happy to reach your goal! Yes, it certainly does feel rather amazing, like a big happy glow that permeates from the inside out!

Mmmmm, fall apples are the best, aren't they?!! So many different kinds from which to choose: Cameo, Gala, Fuji, Stayman, etc. (Speaking of which: Just found an interesting Wikipedia entry about apples you'd probably enjoy reading:

Thanks Abi & Steve! It took a while to get past the weight loss plateau, but it's certainly reassuring to see that my continual hard work is finally paying off! It's certainly motivating to keep going when you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel! The fitness/weight loss progress has been slow & steady, but that's OK by me. In comparison to the 20 pounds I just lost, the remaining 10 seems like nothing. Of course we all know that I'll probably have to work extra hard to lose those last 10 pounds! ;-)

Ironically, this is the stage where it's crucial to eat enough food every day, instead of trying to restrict calories too much, (which is what a lot of people mistakenly do when they get to this point in their weight loss, in an attempt to "accelerate" their progress in the final stretch). However, this behavior has the exact opposite effect, as it only sends the body into "famine" mode. And when the body doesn't get sufficient calories to fuel itself, & goes into "famine" mode, it holds onto that fat. Eating enough food actually helps the body "let go" of the extra fat it's been holding onto, to break past the equilibrium phase. And of course your body needs the proper amount of nutrients & calories to perform its best during runs. So, this way, it's nice to know that you can eat regularly, satisfy your hunger, & still lose weight via running! :-)

I'd like to share one last insight about the weight loss process: As I shed the weight & get closer to my goal, I notice something else going on that's worth mentioning. At some point in my training, probably as early as a month ago, I noticed that my focus had already started to shift from weight loss to training performance, which is probably better in the long run, as it means I'll have a longer & ultimately more meaningful long-term goal to focus on. Weight loss, while important, is seeming more & more like a short-term, exterior goal than the training itself. To me, the process of training, in terms of improving my overall running performance, represents a greater, & I think, ultimately more fulfilling, goal to conquer.

I'm sure that this is something that Steve can surely elaborate upon, as he's surprised himself with his continual improvements, even as he's run more than 20 marathons to date!

Isn't it exciting to face those new challenges, & feel the joy of accomplishment when you keep getting better?!!!! The small every day steps we take each day are tiny acts of renewal & affirmation. Each daily effort is a single building block, as we challenge our bodies to run in new ways, & along the way learn new lessons about ourselves & everything around us!

Have a good night!

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