Monday, November 12, 2007

1 Running Apparel Tip #6: Finding The Perfect Sports Bra


Here's a great guide to finding the perfect-fitting sports bra (brought to you courtesy of Runner's World):

As for my personal recommendation, my absolute favorite sports bras are made by the company, ShockAbsorber. These bras are comfortable & fit superbly, & really take a pounding, both on the trail/road & in the washing machine. Some of the best sports bras around!

It's a UK brand, but is also carried in other countries, including the US. Here are some online stores where you can buy them:

Figleaves (US) (US shipping destinations only) & Figleaves (UK) (International shipping available.)
Victoria's Secret (US) (International shipping available.) (Note: Although this is where I originally purchased these bras, I haven't seen them carry this line lately.)
Debenhams (UK) (UK shipping destinations only.)
Boobydoo (UK) (Shipping destinations limited to the UK, & various British commonwealth & EU countries.) (Hahahaha, only in the UK would a company be able to have a name like that & still sell bras. We Americans are way too prissy to buy something from a clothing store that goes by this name! ;-) )
Sweaty Betty (UK) (International shipping available.)
LessBounce (UK) (Ships internationally.)
Also available in retail locations at "The Bay" (UK) & "Le Baie" (France).

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activkate said...

There's also a new website around called Move Active (I think it's They've got a lot of Shock Absorber bras in stock too and the photos are really big so you can see the detail nice and easily! :)

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