Friday, November 23, 2007

1 For the Record.....


First of all, I'm far from perfect. And frankly, am feeling a tad bit like a frog in a blender right now.

And as you've probably gathered from my last few posts, I'm not the perfect health-food saint who eats nothing but carrot sticks, low-fat cottage cheese, and rice cakes.

And despite my inclination towards healthy & delicious cooking, I sometimes eat a marshmallow or a potato chip. Or even a chocolate cookie. Or a slice of tiramisu or pecan pie. Heaven forbid! Snap on the cuffs, the pastry police are going to cart me away to "pie-eating" prison! ;-)

Also, I'd like to state for the record that I haven't cooked an actual dinner (or any sort of meal for that matter!) in weeks. I frankly haven't got the time. These days, it's been more like two soft-boiled eggs & a salad for dinner, or some yoghurt & raspberries for lunch. The focus has been on eating whole foods & raw veggies, versus cooking up a storm.

Also, for the record, I'd like to say that I actually feel greatly relieved that I won't have to be whipping up holiday feasts for guests. This year, all of the holiday celebrations will be held at other people's houses. So while I'll be wrapping presents galore, I'm very thankful there will be no cooking or baking involved.

I know, a truly shocking confession to hear from a supposed foodie & gourmet chef.

Of course, while I do love to cook and bake, I just am NOT into those things right now. Preparing healthy & nutritious meals doesn't require making some elaborate meal. And while I enjoy making gourmet food when I'm in the proper mindset, right now I'm just way too busy & stressed out to put any more effort into cooking than boiling an egg right now. I haven't even made a smoothie. Not in weeks.

Now the question is this: Do I dare link to this post from my foodie blog? Perhaps not. There might be a revolt. ;-)

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MarkEagle said...

I've found that it works for me to have one cheat day per week as far as nutrition goes. I pretty much eat what I like on cheat day and it doesn't impact my weight (probably because I also workout on cheat day). This might not work for some people....

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