Sunday, November 11, 2007

0 Getting A Clue On The Layout Problem......


OK, now I noticed something really weird. I went to my archive (back to an article written in September) & noticed that the right/third column now appears as normal. In fact, any articles from the archive I view which aren't displayed on the front page of my blog have the properly aligned, three-column layout. Of course the 20 articles displayed on the front page still show the third/right column shifted to the bottom of the page. Arrrgh!

I'm now really confused as to what the issue could be.

Originally, I thought it might be a long link somewhere in the body of the posts showing on the front page. So to test this hypothesis, I switched the number of posts displaying on the front page to 1 & only put a short test post there, but the third column was still screwed up. (Even before I tried this, I also tried shortened the titles of some of my posts on the front page too, but that didn't do anything to change the situation either.)

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