Friday, November 16, 2007

3 I KNEW It Was Too Good to Be True!


Using his GPS (a Garmin Forerunner 305), Erik recently measured the circumference of the lake where we run. It's only 0.74 miles. Knew my earlier pace approximations were too good to be true!

So that means that the total distance I cover in my typical four laps around the lake is 2.96 miles, & my average pace is about 11 minutes & 49 seconds per mile.

Whoah, that's a reality check! I'm going much slower on average than I previously thought. However, since I'm in the mileage building phase, I'm not going to be too hard on myself about it.

The good news is that now I know what the distance of a single lap is, & thus, will also be able to better gauge my pace when I run around this lake in future. (Now atleast I know exactly how many minutes I need to shave off from my total running time, in order to run a 10-minute mile: about 5 minutes worth! A 10-minute mile pace would mean running those same 4 laps in 29 minutes 45 seconds.)

Also, even more encouraging is the knowledge that I can, have, & will run much faster. But of course, I'm not going to simultaneously work on increasing my pace while I'm adjusting to new & longer distances. That'd be pure folly at this stage.

I want to have a long, healthy, & productive running "career." And the best way to do that is to gradually build the mileage & then gradually work on my pace.

For most humans, it usually takes a while to build up their mileage &/or improve their pace. Some runners run for months or even years to make significant improvements in pace.

I'm looking forward to getting better!


tbtgwacmtt said...

Hey Corey, thanks for stopping by my blog and dropping a comment!

I looked through your blog and found your post on the Garmin 305. Been thinking about getting one and was wondering if you'd recommend it or have you heard of something better?

You have a great blog - you can tell you've been working hard on it. I hope to learn some things by watching what you do. Don't be surprised if you see me using some of your ideas . . if you don't mind?

I've added your RSS feed to my reader and will put your blog on my blogroll.

Thanks again!
- Bill

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Bill,

Wow, thanks very much for your enthusiastic comments! And of course for subscribing & adding my blog to your blogroll.
Glad to have you as a subscriber!

I really enjoyed reading the articles you posted on your blog & look forward to reading more. Are you also planning to write more about your personal running experiences as well? Would love to hear more about your running background & goals.

You're certainly welcome to reference/link to my articles if you like!

If you ever want to discuss running topics, you're welcome to join our running group on (i.e., Runners, Runners, Everywhere, There are a lot of friendly, experienced runners who participate in this group (who'll be able to answer questions on many topics -- training/running gear/equipment/apparel/etc.) & you might get some good ideas for article topics as well.

Come to think of it, if you haven't already signed up for this blog directory/community, I'd highly recommend joining. It's one of the best sites to advertise your blog, & learn more about the art of blogging. People are very willing to share & give of their time when it comes to advice on blogging & on many other subjects. I've honestly met some of the nicest bloggers at this site, & have learned a great deal from participating in this community.

If you have any questions about blogging or would like to discuss running-related topics, you're welcome to email me.

I wish you lots of success with your blog!


cyberpenguin said...

Let me know if you join & what your username you decide to use there & I'll mark you as a friend on this site.

Oh, and here's the answer to question regarding the Garmin 305. While I don't personally own the Garmin (my fiancé, Erik, is actually the proud owner), I can tell you that he enjoys using it a great deal. Also many of my blogger-friends (i.e., Cymrusteve,, & Davegill55,, etc.) own the Garmin 305, so you're welcome to look on their blogs & read their recommendations. They could probably better advise you on the Garmin 305.

There's also a discussion thread on our Blog Catalog running forum specifically revolving around the Garmin 305, as well as some other references to it in other discussion topics as well. Hope this helps!

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