Monday, November 26, 2007

2 The Next Step: Becoming A Two-Hour Runner (BTHR)


As I'm sure I've already mentioned previously, I've been on the lookout for a new running program, specifically, one that will take me from one to two hours of running.

However, since my left knee is still a bit swollen from yesterday, I've decided to progress a bit more slowly on the path to becoming a 2-hour runner. It's clear that my body hasn't yet had enough time to acclimate to the 50+ minute distances on a regular basis, plus the recent back-to-back runs probably didn't help the situation any! Also, I've only had a total of exactly four 1-hour runs thus far (the most recent being my last run of 58 minutes, which is close enough to count as an hour!), but hardly frequent enough to call a "regular" running distance. It's very obvious that I still need to get used to being a one-hour runner, before I can work towards two consecutive hours of running.

Also, since I can't seem to find a running program that I truly like, which also fits into my busy schedule, I've decided to create my own training program.

Part of the challenge in finding a suitable training program is that most of the longer-distance programs I've found focus on distance measurements, unlike the two training programs I've done thus far, CT5K & BOHR. Since these two previous programs have worked out quite well for me, I plan to continue measuring my progress by overall running times.

Basically, the program will follow the same basic interval training principles of the BOHR program, but will instead start from a daily base of 40 minutes of running. So, fittingly enough, I've decided to call this new program, "Becoming A Two Hour Runner," or BTHR. ;-)

I will be following the 10% Rule, which states that all weekly mileage increases must be no more than 10% of the previous week's total.

The training program will take 25 weeks to complete, & will have 3 separate phases (to break it down into small, manageable steps): The first phase will be 5 weeks & will alternate between long slow runs & fast short runs, anywhere from 30-60 minutes in length. The second phase will take me from 1 to 1.5 hours total daily running time, and the third & final phase, from 1.5 to 2 hours total daily running time.

So, here's the proposed training schedule:

Phase 1: Becoming A Better 1-Hour Runner (The "Acclimation Period") (BBOHR)

Week 1: Run 30 min (fast), 40 min (medium), 60 min (slow). Weekly total: 130 min.
Week 2: Run 30 min (fast), 40 min (medium + hills), 60 min (slow). Weekly total: 130 min.
Week 3: Run 35 min (fast), 40 min (medium), 60 min (slow). Weekly total: 135 min.
Week 4: Run 40 min (fast), 35 min (medium), 60 min (slow). Weekly total: 135 min.
Week 5: Run 40 min (fast), 40 min (medium), 60 min (slow). Weekly total: 140 min.

Phase 2: Becoming a 1.5-Hour Runner (BOHHR)

Week 1: Run 40 min, 45 min, 55 min. Weekly total: 140 min.
Week 2: Run 40 min, 48 min, 60 min. Weekly total: 148 min.
Week 3: Run 45 min, 50 min, 63 min. Weekly total: 158 min.
Week 4: Run 50 min, 54 min, 66 min. Weekly total: 170 min.
Week 5: Run 55 min, 58 min, 69 min. Weekly total: 182 min.
Week 6: Run 60 min, 62 min, 72 min. Weekly total: 194 min.
Week 7: Run 65 min, 67 min, 74 min. Weekly total: 206 min.
Week 8: Run 65 min, 71 min, 80 min. Weekly total: 216 min.
Week 9: Run 70 min, 75 min, 83 min. Weekly total: 228 min.
Week 10: Run 70 min, 80 min, 90 min. Weekly total: 240 min.

Phase 3: Becoming a 2-Hour Runner (BTHR)

Week 1: Run 75 min, 80 min, 90 min. Weekly total: 245 min.
Week 2: Run 75 min, 85 min, 93 min. Weekly total: 253 min.
Week 3: Run 80 min, 84 min, 96 min. Weekly total: 260 min.
Week 4: Run 80 min, 88 min, 100 min. Weekly total: 268 min.
Week 5: Run 85 min, 87 min, 102 min. Weekly total: 274 min.
Week 6: Run 85 min, 92 min, 105 min. Weekly total: 282 min.
Week 7: Run 90 min, 89 min, 108 min. Weekly total: 287 min.
Week 8: Run 90 min, 95 min, 111 min.Weekly total: 296 min.
Week 9: Run 90 min, 97 min, 115 min. Weekly total: 302 min.
Week 10: Run 90 min, 100 min, 120 min. Weekly total: 310 min.

IMPORTANT UPDATE, (added on 11/28/07 at 10:24 am): Please be sure to view this post before attempting to try this program yourself.


Ronnie Ferez said...

I will give this program a try, I have been spending so much time in my computer that I forgot keeping fit.

This blog is a great help corey!


Eric Gervase said...

Wow... Now THAT is a plan. 25 weeks? I'm not sure if I have that long of an attention span. That said, I think it is a very well designed plan. I like the fact that you put thought into "Becoming a Better 1-Hour Runner". You could have very easily been impatient and moved right to Phase 2. Kudos.

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