Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2 Important Notes RE: My New Running Program (BTHR)


Hello Runners & Workout Enthusiasts,

Here's just a few brief cautionary notes to anyone considering trying my newly created BTHR (Becoming A Two-Hour Runner) Plan:

This is an untested (i.e., beta) running program: Please be aware that this training program is brand new & untested. So, this means that, since I haven't actually started this plan yet, I'm currently unable to give you any feedback on it. I'd highly recommend wait until I've actually tried the plan & have given my feedback on it, before trying it out yourself.

Also, please note that I originally created this plan solely for my own use, as I couldn't find any satisfactory time-based programs for running longer distances. Most of the longer distance programs I found focused on daily mileage, versus total daily & weekly running times. And, since I can't seem to find my GPS right now & thus don't want to limit myself to running on a high school track, I knew I'd either need to find an existing time-centric program or create my own, in order to suit my needs.

Consider the source: Please note that while I'm an experienced runner, I'm not professionally trained in the field of fitness or exercise physiology. On that note, I should mention the following legal disclaimer: As is the case with most exercise regimens, please consult your physician before deciding to follow any of the plans listed &/or recommended here on this blog.

So, if you choose to follow this plan (or any of the plans outlined or recommended on this blog), especially after all of my warnings & legal disclaimers, you are willingly & knowingly proceeding at your own risk.

This plan has prerequisite fitness level requirements: Please note that this plan is for those people who are already currently doing atleast a full hour of running per day atleast 3 times a week. If you are not already running at this level, I strongly advise against following this workout plan. Rather, you should probably start at a more suitable level of fitness, and gradually work up to a higher level of fitness over time.

If you aren't quite ready for 2-hours of running, here's what I recommend: For newbie runners or currently inactive people who are interested in getting back into shape, I highly recommend the ever-popular CT5K (or C25K as some people call it) program. This 9-week program will take you literally "from couch to 5K."

There are also CT5K podcasts set to the music, which you can download from the links on the left sidebar of my blog. So check it out. This really helps to make the whole process a no-brainer; you won't have to worry about timing your workouts, or other such nonsense. After all, who wants to think about that kind of stuff when you're just getting started with your workouts! Anything that lowers the barrier to exercise is a really good thing in my book. ;-)

Once you've completed this plan, the next training program I recommend is the BOHR program, a 10-week running plan which will take you from a half-hour of running to a full-hour of running.

Again, all of the links for these & other resources are listed on the left sidebar of this blog.

As they say, a person is only human. We all have to walk before we can run. One step at a time!

Now that you've been duly warned, I promise to give you feedback on the new program in the upcoming weeks.

Have a good night!


Eric Gervase said...

Sorry to be a comment hog... But, I noticed you mentioned having trouble measuring the distance of your runs (hence running for time, not distance). Have you ever gone to runningahead.com? You can map out your run before hand and set up a preplanned distance.. Just a thought.

Not that there is anything wrong with running for time.. In fact, it's probably a better way to train to account for improving fitness levels.

Abimars said...

Hi C, thanks for checking up on me, I'm fine just having problems with blogger I've got loads of posts saved as drafts but every time I try to publish I get an error message, I've reported it to the blogger team and I'm just waiting for it to be sorted. Thanks again



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