Sunday, November 25, 2007

4 Weigh-In: One Pound Lost + Some New Insight Gained


I thankfully lost a pound when I hopped on the scale this morning. Not sure what the exact body fat percentage change is, since I forgot to record this information when I'd recorded my weight a few days ago on 11/22. If I compare the percentage to what I'd recorded on 11/15, then I'm still up by few percentage points, a body fat percentage gain of 2.4%, to be exact. Ouch!

I've decided to squeeze in my last run of the week, Run 3 of Week 9, today. Will probably run this afternoon. Supposed to be 52 degrees, so will try to wait sometime around mid-afternoon (between 12 noon & 2 pm) when the sun's most likely at its warmest.

Normally, I try not to do back to back runs (to give my body time to rest & recuperate), but if I'm going to get in atleast 2 runs of the final week (Week 10) of the BOHR program before this weekend's trunk show (yes, there's going to be a second one, due to popular demand), that's what I'm going to have to do. I'll just have to suck it up & do it. Of course, if my knees or other part of my body start insisting otherwise, then of course I'll listen, but I'm going to still make every attempt to keep my running schedule on target.


I've also been doing some thinking, especially regarding my writings of the past few days, when I realized something important: Much of what I'd been discussing were things that had already come to be, and more significantly, had already come to pass. So, in other words, I was dwelling on things or events that'd happened it the past that couldn't be changed. While these thoughts had bubbled up in a moment of reflection, they had seized my focus & threatened to capsize the life balance I'd fought so hard to achieve. What started out as a tangential issue morphed into a giant, emotional beastie with which I entered into battle.

Unearthing unresolved emotions (especially residual anger & frustration) in order to conquer them can sometimes be a dangerous thing (i.e., a proverbial "pandora's box" of sudden, over-flowing emotions), that is, unless you take the reigns early on & keep the focus on positive action & problem-solving. There aren't many moments when I let my emotions have full reign of my faculties, and so, when the emotions were starting to wreak havoc on my focus, it was clear to me that these feelings had clearly overstayed their welcome.

Now that I see this, I realize that I need to let go of these experiences, because stirring up them up again is not even remotely useful to me, nor is it very useful to the others who were involved in the experience. Of course, sometimes it can be useful to analyze the past in order to move forward, but I realize that cannot "make" others whom I feel have wronged or hurt me in some way, do this. They usually need to come to this realization on their own. It doesn't matter whether these people are family, friends, acquaintances, or other people with whom I come into contact.

It doesn't mean that similar interactions won't occur in the future, but I think that the next time they do happen, I will make every effort to address these situations at the time they are happening. I realize that this is not always possible, as a person's thoughts & feelings don't always crystallize into a perfect verbal expression until after the encounter. However, I'll try to do my best in this regard to communicate such things whenever possible.


Mister Scott said...

as a hetero male who occassionally obsesses about his weight, i would suggest not fretting one way or another, esepcaily at this time of year(easy to say, not easy to do)... oddly, though my exercise level has not decreased, i have gained weight these last few weeks (7lbs!), but attribute this not only to the occassioanl Ben & Jerry's(YUM!) but to just unconsciously prepping for the cool weather, kind of like a bear, i reckon.

in the end, it sure looks liek you're working hard and MANY things so cutting thyself some slack is a GREAT thing!


cyberpenguin said...

Hi Mister Scott,

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, advice, & supportive comments on these "weighty" subjects. ;-) Sounds like you've got a healthy perspective on these issues & would be an excellent role model for others, as you certainly practice what you preach.

You bring up a good point about the holidays; it's not exactly a great (nor very realistic!) time to start fretting over calories & weight gain. Instead of anyone fretting, I propose the following idea: I recommend developing pre-holiday eating & exercise "strategies" which would start well before the holidays & anticipate possible weight gain. This way, people could still enjoy their food & at the same time, keep their weight in check.

There could be two ways to go about it:

(1) If it's possible to lose a few pounds before the holidays, that'll give you a bit of "wiggle room." Pun intended! ;-)

(2) Or, alternatively, you could just expect to gain a few pounds & then instead of worrying about it, just keep exercising & return to your normal (& hopefully healthier!) pre-holiday eating patterns & portion sizes. That way, if you anticipate you'll eat more, you can make the proper adjustments & feel OK about it. Just an idea.....

I think that the larger, important lesson I've learned through all of this recent pondering is to not take myself or life situations too seriously. Of course, this doesn't mean that I shouldn't ever be serious about anything ever again, but all the same, it's important to keep one's sense a humor about life in general. While it was very cathartic to pour all of those thoughts & feelings all out onto the "pages" of this blog, I'm definitely ready for some levity again!

Thanks again for your words of wisdom!

Happy Holidays!

Eric Gervase said...

Hey.. I found this post on the CRN shout out page. I'm going through something similar myself. I just ran the Marine Corps Marathon and have spent the last 10 months getting back into shape. This holiday season is killer on the scales. I like your idea of preplanning a small gain and not worrying too much about it. That way, it feels more like you had control over it. I like it.

cymrusteve said...

Option 2 works for me. Enjoy the "holidays", eat some of the foods you don't usually eat, drink some of the drinks you don't usually drink, skip a few workouts if you must and above all have fun.

Once the holidays are over you may be surprised to find you haven't gained any weight at all, but if you have, remind yourself you've had a good time, accept where you are and make plans to get back on track as soon as possible.

Try not to beat yourself up too much - life's too short :)


PS And I'd agree with mister scott too - you work really hard to eat well and exercise well. You should be very proud!

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