Sunday, November 11, 2007

0 Please Be Patient! My Blog Layout Is Now Screwed Up!


I'm currently trying to fix some rather annoying problems that recently happened to my blog. Appears like it might've happened last night, around 2 am or so, around the time I was adding some comments. (Reason I know this is that none of my other blogs' layouts were affected, only this blog!) I'm wondering if Blogger was down for scheduled/unscheduled maintenance or something while I was editing, which possibly could've screwed up my blog.

The problem sounds simple enough: My third column has suddenly shifted to the bottom of the page. Now normally, people who know the basic stuff about Blogger layouts would say, check your margin width or your sidebars to see if you've added any text or HTML elements that are really, really long/wide. But that's not it. I haven't added anything new to the sidebar since the problem occurred, nor have I modified my margins recently.

I temporarily moved the content from the right sidebar to the left, just so it'd be more easily visible. The only thing that now appears in the left column is some test content.

Here's my hunch: Either my blog template or my third sidebar/column appears to have been corrupted & it's not the normal issue with column margins or float-alignment. I'm fairly familiar with HTML & CSS, & all the Blogger page/layout elements, as I've customized my layout many times before, but for some reason, all of the tests I'm doing to isolate the problem haven't been working thus far.

I tried turning off the float-alignment feature anyhow, which didn't work. I also tried limiting the number of posts that appear on the page, & changed the front page posts to draft form to see if it was some element in the post itself that was causing the problem (title, body, footers, etc.). None of these things worked.

Of course, I haven't changed column widths or added any really long buttons & text on the sidebars lately either, so I'm hoping it's just a corrupt widget or other page element that just needs to be deleted & readded.

However, it might be an out-&-out template corruption issue, in which case, I'm completely screwed as I haven't backed up my template in ages (whoops!).

Since I don't have a recent backup copy that even slightly resembles my current template, I'm basically being forced to troubleshoot the problem step-by-step. Stay tuned & we'll see if we can whip the third column back into shape so it behaves itself again.

I'm in the process of checking the Blogger Group Help section to find answers. So far, none of the suggestions are working (regarding the sidebar, etc.), & even more maddening, many of them don't even apply to what seems to be happening on my blog.

If any of you happen to have any useful suggestions for why this might possibly be happening, I'd be very grateful to you. I'm all ears!


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