Sunday, November 11, 2007

0 Problem Fixed! We're Back In Business Now.....


OK, I was able to fix the display problem by following these instructions. I also posted the fix on Blogger Group Help, to help other bloggers in case they encounter the same difficulties. (If you're curious, that link can be found here.)

However, one word of caution before/if you try this problem-solving technique: Be sure to back up your Blogger template before you do this.

In my "been there, done that before" cockiness, I was oh-so-sure that those rules didn't apply to me. After all, I'd used similar methods of deleting & re-adding widgets before without incident to fix blog corruption issues. Boy, was THAT a mistake! In my haste to fix the problem, I ignored the warning about whatever widgets were about to be deleted (blah, blah, blah!) & accidentally wiped out my polls! Oops.

Unfortunately, this also means that all of the votes cast by readers up until this point were also wiped out as well. This is a shame, because there were a TON of votes! So if you would, please recast your votes! Thanks!

Should've backed up the template first, or atleast copied down the poll info elsewhere so I could replicate it later.

Oh well, it was worth going through the experience & making a boo-boo like that in order to fix the problem & learn from my mistake. I'll just see if I can recreate the polls from memory.....


Uh oh, I also just noticed that my Digg buttons also got deleted! So people, if you'd kindly re-Digg my articles (after I put the button back), I'd be EVER so grateful! Thanks again!

Update to the above (added later): Actually, I just found out that there's no need to re-Digg articles, as the buttons seem to already have the correct Digg count. Phew! That's a relief!

Well anybody who's new to my blog, you're still welcome to Digg my articles. Thanks!


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