Tuesday, November 6, 2007

0 Run 2, Week 2 (CT5K) + Run 1, Week 7 (BOHR): Brrrr! Back to Cold-Weather Running Again!


My friend & I picked up where we'd left off, & repeated our last joint run (i.e., Run 2, Week 2 of the CT5K program) before our respective vacations. We started our run around 6:45 pm or so & it was considerably colder, probably closer to 50 degrees or so. We chatted about our recent trips & other happenings as we ran, & then continued chatting afterward for a good hour or so.

Then around 9 pm, I ran for a total of 34 minutes. By that point, the temperature had dropped considerably & was probably somewhere around 43-45 degrees or so.

(I'd originally planned to run only 30 minutes, but then decided to run the extra four minutes in order to complete the lap & return to the starting point.)

I felt really strong tonight & had a lot of energy. Last week's hour-long runs definitely helped to increase my stamina for tonight.

Right now, the knees are feeling OK thus far, so I think I made the right decision scaling back to the original BOHR schedule.

As I mentioned in last night's post, the new challenge will be to increase my pace for these shorter distances over the next few weeks until the completion of the running program, as I already know I can run for a full hour. ;-) Now, it's just a question of how fast I can run these same distances over the next few weeks.

Although I forgot to wear my GPS, I know that tonight, I ran a much faster pace than usual. I did 4 laps in 34 minutes, or 1 lap in 8.5 minutes. Now, if only I could figure out how much distance a lap is! ;-) For that, I definitely need my GPS. ;-)

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