Friday, November 9, 2007

3 Run 2, Week 7 (BOHR): The Waiting Game


My friend couldn't join me for our joint CT5K run last night (i.e., Thursday), as she was buried under piles of work & couldn't get out! Upon receiving this news, I realized that I hadn't even done my solo run yet & it was already 6:30 pm by this point. However, instead of whisking myself out the door to squeeze in my run before it got dark, I continued to sit in front of the computer typing & doing various work-related tasks until, uh-oh, it was way too late & way too cold to run.

Truth be told, I wasn't really in the mood to run, as I was very comfy working at home in my PJs & wasn't about to go anywhere. I'd spent all day in them like a three-toed sloth. Oh well, we can't be perfectly motivated every day, now can we?! ;-)

However, I made up for last night's inertia with tonight's run. I ran 4 laps around the lake in 34-35 minutes.

Considering tonight's weather conditions & my previous unwillingness to move, I'd say that tonight's run certainly went better than expected. All in all, it was a decent performance.


It rained a good bit of the day, & as I don't have a waterproof rain-jacket yet, (only a water resistant one, which doesn't do squat in a torrential downpour!), you can understand why I was a bit hesitant to go out the door!

Last time I ran with my water-resistant jacket in the rain, I looked like a drenched rat! See this post for a recap of that previous episode.

Today, I finally accepted the fact that I wouldn't be able to skate by without a waterproof jacket any longer if I was going to continue running through the fall & winter. So I put an end to the madness & ordered a really nice Asics waterproof jacket this afternoon from Here's a picture of the jacket (shown in the "blue jewel" color I purchased):

Although not shown in the above picture or even mentioned on the website, the jacket also comes with a detachable hood -- A very important feature! Especially in the nasty, wet weather we've been having lately.....


So, after giving myself a much-needed reality check about my insufficient wet/cold weather running wardrobe, I decided that I'd make an earnest attempt to find what little waterproof articles of clothing I currently possessed, or if this wasn't possible, atleast try to locate some heavier & more effective water-resistant ones!

Thankfully, I was able to come up with a very nice, medium-weight Climaproof Adidas track suit that looked like it could very well be waterproof or atleast treated with some kind of water-resistant coating. It felt great be able to wear it, as it was brand new, great-looking, & also a small size, which I haven't been able to squeeze into until now. Until now, it's been sitting in my closet unworn, for probably over a year. I can't explain how satisfying it is to actually be able to wear those items. If these brand new, unworn items in my closet could speak, they'd probably tell me that they'd been living a very dull & unfulfilled life until now. Hahahahaha!


But back to the story of tonight's run: After getting dressed to run, I checked the weather. Ugh,it was still raining outside! So, I waited for the rain to stop, ...and waited, ...and waited some more. By the time the rain had cleared, it was 10:53 pm, & 38 degrees outside!

Of course, I knew it was total insanity to run at that hour, but I just had to get my run in. (The good thing is that even with icky weather, believe it or not, there were still some people walking around the lake. After all, it was still a Friday night.....) I'd postponed my run as long as humanly possible, but knew I couldn't wait any longer! Otherwise, I'd have some pretty tough back-to-back runs on my plate, & I really didn't want that, especially after the tenderness I'd been experiencing in my knees over the past two weeks.

So yes, it was wet, 6 degrees above freezing, & late at night when I ran, (& now I'm way too hyped up to go to bed!), but atleast I got my run in tonight!


As Erik likes to say, "this is when the boys are separated from the men, & we find out who's truly motivated to run." ;-)

Well, I think that after tonight's run, I can safely say exactly where I fall. Just substitute the words, "girls" & "women" in there, & I'd fall into the latter category. I'd like to add the qualified "real" in front of that word too! ;-)


Just one final thought for the evening before I bid you adieu: I was curious if any of you fellow runners have experienced sharper eyesight after your runs?

(Let me first qualify this by mentioning that, a few years ago I had lasic eye surgery to correct a moderate amount of nearsightedness; however, my vision is still excellent several years after the surgery, & I haven't yet had to do an additional corrective procedure.)

I know it sounds odd, but sometimes when I start out on the path, there's condensation in the air & my eyes get a bit blurry. However, after the run is over, the "picture snaps into focus" & I see things with amazing sharpness. I especially notice the sharp, bright colors of the neon signs over the restaurants & other establishments surrounding the lake.

I noticed that this change in vision only seems to happen when it's wet & cold outside.

Have any of you ever experienced this?


OK, I really need to go to bed. It's almost embarrassing how late/early it is!

Have a nice night/morning & I look forward to hearing from you!

Good night/good morning,

P.S. I almost forgot to mention that, for those of you who are runners or would like to become runners, I have a new Blog Catalog group entitled Runners, Runners, Everywhere!. Membership is open to bloggers & non-bloggers alike. So check it out! OK, that's it for now! See ya round the blogosphere.


cymrusteve said...

Nice jacket! And nice run in nasty conditions....

One of my favorite sayings which I always say to my wife: "If you don't train in it, you can't race in it". I believe you need to be prepared for any eventuality on race day, so you'll find me outside in all weathers. Also, with today's excellent range of technical clothing fabrics, there's really no excuse not to run outside in all weathers!

Congrats on tonights run,


cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Steve!

I totally agree with your training philosophy, which is why I've made the choice to run outside all year round this year, despite some rather un-fun, unpleasant conditions! ;-) As you well know, this area can dole out its share of interesting weather. It's often humid & hot, or humid & cold, but the common denominator is that it's usually humid! ;-)

Of course, now that I'm armed with a waterproof jacket with a hood to properly shield me from the rain & the snow (& some cold-weather clothing to keep me adequately warm), there's no stopping me this winter!

Do you think it's a good idea to get all-weather "waterproof" running/trail shoes as well? Do you have any buying experience with this type of all-weather shoe? After all, it can get awfully wet around here, & I don't want to get sick running in the wet & the cold!

Next on the buying list, "cramp-ons" for running in ice & snow. LOL. JUST kidding.

cymrusteve said...

Haha. I laughed at the cramp-on comment, I must admit!

I bought a pair of Puma Trailfox shoes a couple of years. They're great on grass and on the trail, but a little "clunky" for road use. They really keep your feet dry though :) As with all the other gear on the market, the selection of wet weather shoes is impressive now and I'm a little out of touch with what's available.

Despite my advice about training outside in all weathers, I try to take advantage of a quality treadmill session at least once a week in the winter. Sometimes it's difficult to run fast or at tempo pace when the weather isn't too good, so a workout at an equivalent effort level is very useful. Notice I mention effort rather than pace - I'm never sure how accurate my treadmill speed and distance is.

Hope that helps,


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