Saturday, November 24, 2007

0 Run 2, Week 9 (BOHR): Just Getting It Done!


Started my 38 minute run around 4:50 pm tonight. The temperature was in the mid-40's. Ran a really slow pace: Did 4 laps in 38 minutes, which is a pace of 12 minute, 50 seconds per mile. Was fighting waves of nausea & cramps, which was probably from eating a few almonds & a handful of grapes (too acidic on an empty "tum") only 20 minutes or so before running. Was also extremely distracted. My mind kept replaying all of the things that are currently going on in my life & what I'd blogged about in the last several days. Nonetheless, I just trudged forward & pounded it out. Today's run was just about "getting it done."


I don't have any regrets about what I wrote over the past few days, but I think that it might potentially cause some needless distress, so I'm thinking about removing some of the comments. Plus, I think that my parents might take it the wrong way.

Compounding the issue is this: There's a big difference between myself & my generation & my parents' generation -- My parents' generation generally believes in keeping everything to oneself, keeping a "stiff upper lip," & not even telling good friends about certain things, whereas my generation is more open. This is not to say that I don't believe in discretion about private matters, but where I draw the line is a little bit different.

To me, talking about body image, weight, & food issues, especially as it pertains to society & my personal experiences, isn't something to be ashamed of or to keep locked up somewhere. I think that keeping this stuff inside is tremendously unhealthy. On the contrary, I feel very comfortable talking openly about this subject, as I've got nothing to hide & think it important for people to be comfortable conversing on the topic, both on general & personal levels. The way I see it, if I & other people are being open about the subject, it can also help more people to reduce their "shameful feelings" about their body image & personal experiences, & help them cope with similar reactions. It can also show others that it is possible to successful confront these sorts of challenges and be strong in the face of opposition. It helps to build strength of character.

At the same token, there are limits to this personal disclosure on the aforementioned topic:

Yes, don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean it's open season, or that I'm going to tell you all of my personal business. I reserve the right to talk & write about what I feel comfortable with revealing about myself & my thoughts & feelings, & also, to not have to answer questions I don't want to answer, unless I'm being required by law to do so. ;-)

Also, notice that I talk mostly about my personal experiences in terms of how I dealt with these challenges, & don't unnecessarily dwell on the private matters of others.

Discussing how I responded to someone's attitude about my weight is different than discussing personal details about their lives. Also, note that I rarely reveal names of friends & family, & when I do, it's because I've asked for permission first.

I like to think that I generally respect other people's privacy, so if any of my family members feels that I've overstepped my bounds & have discussed topics pertaining to them that they don't want to see here on this blog, then they are welcome to discuss the issue with me, & provide me with a compelling reason for why I should honor their request for a particular comment's removal (other than the possible reason that they disagree with my opinions!).

I don't think I've made anyone out to be ogres here on my blog, perhaps except for those stanky smokers that've crossed my path while I've run past them. ;-)

Anyhow, as I promised to keep my posts relatively short, that's all I'm going to blog about for tonight.

Have a great weekend!

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