Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1 Run 3, Week 2 (CT5K) + Run 1, Week 8 (BOHR): Moving Forward + Catch Me If You Can!


My friend & I ran at the lake around 6:30 PM tonight. It was around 64 degrees or so & felt really nice outside. While we ran, we talked about various things going on at her workplace & also about our running/training goals over the next few months (my friend brought up the subject). She told me that she was going to run over the weekend, so we could keep progressing forward in our program. She also mentioned that she was going to continue running after we finish the CT5K program. We also formulated a plan for our winter running regimen. All of this is good news, as it indicates to me that she's becoming more & more committed to running & her own fitness. How fantastic is that! We chatted for a while afterward, & then I ran my solo run around 7:50 PM or so.

For my solo run, I ran the first lap at a decent pace & then during my second lap, I spied a guy running in back of me trying to catch up. Of course, the competitor in me wasn't going to have any of that, so as soon as he managed to run abreast of me, I sped up & passed him. I kept running faster & faster, glancing subtlely over my shoulder to see how far behind me he was. I ran as fast as I could, eventually getting really far past him, until there were atleast several hundred yards between us. Then as soon as I got to the start of my third lap, I slowed my pace a bit. I looked behind me but he wasn't there. Half way through the third lap, the much faster pace of the previous lap was starting to take its toll, & I began to tire slightly. However, I still felt pretty good & was still able to increase my pace for stretches at a time, doing faster mini-intervals at various points around the lake.

Then guess who I saw coming in the other direction? The guy I'd blazed by in just the previous lap! I gave him a big grin & was thinking about thanking him for giving me chase & a good run for my money, but decided against it, as I wasn't sure how he'd take it. ;-) He acknowledged me with a slight nod & kept running. I think he seemed to be a fairly good sport about it. To give the guy some credit, he was going rather fast in the other direction, so it looked like he still had some gas in the tank, whereas I was starting to peter out!

By the fourth & final lap, I started to feel a tad bit winded, but kept telling myself that I still had something left in me. I passed the same fellow again & out of pride for my running, tried to keep a strong-looking stride. I was having a bit of a mental struggle during the final lap, because the part that was saying I had something left in me was fighting the other part of me that was questioning whether I actually did! ;-)

Nonetheless, I managed to pull out all the stops & really sprinted the last few several hundred yards. Over the past few weeks progress, I've noticed that now I'm definitely starting to sprint earlier & longer at the final lap, which is very a encouraging realization.

In total, I ran around 34-35 minutes. I can't tell what my exact time was because I know I lost some time at various points in the run, fidgeting with my iPod several times (switching back & forth between the music mode to adjust the volume & the stopwatch mode to check my time) & also when I started to get overheated & had to remove my running pull-over at the end of the second lap.

At any rate, I know I ran the second lap exceptionally fast (fast for me, that is!), because my stopwatch read around 16 minutes or so at the end of this lap. So where I lost the most time was at the second half of run, when I slowed my pace during the final two laps.

So, if the lake's really a mile, that means on average I ran somewhere between an 8.5- and 9-minute mile pace tonight. And that'd be a total of around 4 miles or so. Not bad.

The right knee felt pretty good tonight. No throbbing or swelling at all, not even a tiny bit. The run my friend & I did beforehand really helped warm my body up & keep the knee in check. I'm very thankful for that!

Well, I'm still behind schedule, so it looks like Run 2 will be this Friday. Then, I'll run my last run of the week of Sunday.

I decided not to do back-to-back runs, as I'd have to run on both Thursday & Friday in order to squeeze in all my runs before my trunk show. That'd be pure insanity, & I don't want to push it & aggravate the knee, as it seems to be cooperating right now.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention, I joined my local chapter of the RRCA last Thursday. Got a family membership & signed them all up!

I'm looking forward to running races. Can't wait. I know I'm not quite ready yet, but it's something exciting to look forward to doing!

In truth, I could probably run a 5K race right now, but I know that I wouldn't be happy with my finishing time. So I'm going to finish out the BOHR program, & then find another that takes me to 10 miles. Once I get up to ten miles, I'll intersperse the 10 mile runs with shorter, faster 5K & 8K distances. After running these varying distances for several weeks, then I'll start building my mileage again, hopefully to 13.1 miles. By this point, I should be ready to enter 5, 8, & 10K races, & also have times that I'm proud of doing!


Also, I'm not sure if I mentioned this already, but Erik has told me that he's going to run a marathon with me. He originally stated that he was going to do a half-marathon, which I still think he'll do, but it's nice to know that he'll be joining me in the quest to run a marathon!

Hopefully, we'll be able to run together for some of our runs during our marathon training. The only thing is that he likes to run in the morning before work (when I've barely got one eye open!), & I usually run in the afternoon or evening, so we'll probably end up running together on weekends. Plus, since my friend & I will be continuing to run together during the week, it'll probably work out for the better anyhow.

OK, well have a nice Wednesday evening. Hope your workouts are going well!


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Miss Ladybug said...

Cor, Fabulous. I was smiling thinking about you leaving that dude in the dust. Always good to have motivation of any kind! I'm sure you were for him too. Also, SO GREAT that Erik is running with you in the marathon. Again, inspiring others...

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