Sunday, November 18, 2007

1 Run 3, Week 8 (BOHR): A Long, Slow Run


The temperature was 48 degrees when I went for my run tonight at 5 pm. Did 7.5 laps around the lake. Total running time was 64.5 minutes, which means my total distance was 5.55 miles. My average pace was around 11:37-minute miles.

Felt pretty good to take a long, slow run tonight. This was definitely running for running's sake. I tried not to think too much about my times or pace, as I knew it was going to be the first long run in a few weeks.

I have to be honest, wasn't really looking forward to tonight's run. Was tired from all the work from this weekend's show, & knew I'd have to run as soon as I dropped my bags off at my place. Otherwise the run would probably not happen. Momentum is really important, especially when a person's extra tired from travel & a weekend of work. So it's best to jump on it & get it done & out of the way before the procrastination or mind games set in. ;-)

Of course, after about the second or third lap I began to forget about my initial attitude & started to enjoy the running. It felt good to finish the run. I'm going to give myself a few extra gold stars for triumphing once again over the twin "goblins" of procrastination & inertia. 8-)

I'm certainly happy to be inside now where it's warm & dry! (It was on the verge of a rainstorm during the tail end of my run. Thankfully, I beat the downpour, as it was only dribbles during the last few minutes of the run.)

Thinking ahead for this upcoming week: I'm going to have to squeeze in three runs next week, working them in & around the Thanksgiving Day holiday break.

The way these things usually work is that I either schedule the runs around the events or the events around the runs! In this case, I don't have much of a choice in terms of moving the event, since it's a national holiday! :-) For those of you who aren't familiar with the American holiday of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving is a traditional "last Thursday of the month" kind of holiday, & for me, as it is for most Americans, the day for celebrating this event is a fairly fixed arrangement. Some people do make alternate arrangements, like one of my friends, who's going to celebrate the holiday with her family on a Wednesday, but this is typically a rare occurrence.

Anyhow, as I was saying, the Thanksgiving holiday's going to make this weeks' running schedule an interesting challenge. I'm going to run twice on Tuesday (one 30-minute solo run & then a second, shorter run with my friend), & then I'm not quite sure how I'll squeeze in the other two solo runs. My friend & I won't be running on Thursday (since that's Thanksgiving Day), but will instead pick up again with our joint runs next Tuesday.

However, I still need fit in the two solo runs. I'd rather not do back to back runs, so I'll probably run again on Thursday (definitely before the turkey consumption starts!), & again on Saturday.

OK, well that about does it for tonight's post, folks. Hope you all had a nice weekend!


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cymrusteve said...

Looks like you have a busy week ahead. Juggling family, friends, holidays and other events is always a challenge, but I'm sure with your determination you'll make it work :)

Good luck!


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