Saturday, November 24, 2007

0 Time to Stop Talking & Start Moving!


I know I said I was going to run last night. Well, it didn't happen. Mostly because I was writing/blogging so much yesterday, blathering on about this & that, that by the time I finished writing, & then editing & re-writing some of what I'd just written, it was way too dark & cold to run. And I didn't want to run alone outside in the pitch black of night either.

Procrastination via posting. That's a new one in my book. ;-)

And while we're on the subject of procrastination....

I'm thinking about the challenge I issued to my running pal during our last run, which I forgot to mention in my blog, until now: This past Tuesday, I challenged her to run atleast one more time over the holiday break (which gave her 5 days to complete the run before we met again for our next run).

I'm hoping she rose to the occasion & took me up on the challenge. We'll see.

But I realize one thing, I need to follow my own advice! 8-)

OK, let's compare notes, thus far: I was originally supposed to run this past Thursday, i.e., Thanksgiving. And then that didn't happen. Then I was supposed to run Friday, which also didn't happen. So now I'm behind in my runs. Way behind. I'm supposed to be doing my third run of Week 9 this weekend, but I'm only on Run 2.

I can't ask my friend to meet the challenge if I can't even do the same!

So, time to correct that & get back to business. I am going out for a run in a few minutes. And this run WILL happen. It's Saturday, so I can possibly do Run 3 on Sunday or Monday, and then try to squeeze in Week 10's runs the following week, hopefully before next Sunday.

Oh my goodness, it just dawned on me, as I was writing that last sentence, that Week 10 is, in fact, the final week of the BOHR program. Wow. I need to be on the hunt for a new program to take me to the next level of running, a 2-hour run. Will let you know which program I find to be the most useful.

If you'd like to recommend a program for becoming a 2-hour runner, please feel free to leave your comments in the comments section of this post.

Talk to ya later, I'm going out for a much-needed run!


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