Tuesday, November 6, 2007

2 Tomorrow's Game Plan


Well, I'm back home & will be resuming my joint runs with my friend (& regular running buddy) tomorrow, while simultaneously continuing with my solo runs. Looking forward to seeing her & hearing all about her vacation......

From the sound of it, she did a lot of walking on her vacation, which is excellent. So hopefully, we can pick up relatively close to where we left off before both of our trips (i.e., starting from Run 2, Week 2 of the CT5K program).

As for my solo runs, I'm currently considering my next step: Since I've already become a one-hour runner, I'm debating the merits of continuing the current program (BOHR). While I can physically complete the mileage, I'm weighing this fact against the far less-empirical but yet-still-important "data" concerning my current physical state. ;-) Based on recent experience, my right knee is clearly telling me that it isn't ready for anything past 1 hour. And frankly, I'm not sure that I should be pushing it by continue to run an hour three times a week.

It seems that the program I was following (BOHR) built up the mileage slowly over time for a very good reason. And to stray from its gradual, methodical mileage build-up is probably pure folly. So, the wisest course of action is probably to get back on schedule this upcoming week (i.e., Week 7) & run the scheduled mileage. If I need a greater challenge, I can always run the scheduled mileage at a faster pace.

The scheduled mileage for this upcoming week, Week 7, is as follows: Run 30 min, 34 min, 45 min. Weekly total: 109 min.

So, the goal for tomorrow's solo run will be to run a 10:30 or 10 minute-mile pace for 30 minutes. I'll definitely need to bring my GPS tomorrow to get a better sense of my pace. Wish me luck!

Have a good night!


cymrusteve said...

Welcome back! You're certainly racking up the miles and the time on your feet - well done!

Just enjoy the schedule this week and make sure you hit the required pace. Don't worry too much about running faster - it could be the extra effort that causes an injury.

Looking forward to finding out how your week progresses...

--Steve (who hasn't done any strength or core work again!)

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Steve! Since you are running 2 marathons in 2 weeks, I wouldn't beat yourself up too much over not doing your strength-workout this week! ;-)

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