Sunday, December 30, 2007

1 Weigh-In: Looks Like Baby Steps For Today's Weight-Loss Progress. And Yes, I Do Talk About Other Topics Besides Weight Loss!!!!!!


Today I weighed myself & lost 0.2 lbs & 0.8% body fat. I have a feeling I've actually lost more, but won't see evidence of this until a few more days. Without going into detail, let's just say that women will probably immediately understand my coy little reference. Anyhow, that's the latest & greatest on my progress.

In my next post, I will talk about the "other" benefits of running, that is, other than weight-loss/management.

Since one fellow recently commented that I seemed to be "obsessed" about losing weight, which I'd already countered via my corresponding comments, I will now show him that I DO think about other topics by writing an article discussing the OTHER benefits of running. ;-)

While I appreciate this fellow's comments in general, it doesn't sound like he's been following my blog for very long or had looked through my archives. Otherwise, he'd see many, many other posts on topics completely unrelated to weight loss. I write about runner's apparel & gadgets, nutrition, running & general exercise tips, & many, many other topics.

As I AM trying to lose weight, it's only natural that I'd blog about it some, recording my progress & writing articles giving insights that I think would be useful to others.

As we bloggers know, there's always the danger of a new visitor dropping in who misunderstands us or simply gets the wrong impression of us from reading the last 5 posts. I guess for some readers, we bloggers are only as good as our last 5 posts. ;-)

This is the part where I urge people to not make snap judgments based on a single snapshot or meme that is a blog post, & to read more than just 5 posts to get a sense of a person's outlook & focus(es). Most of us bloggers would agree that it takes time & patience to truly get to "know" us, so don't assume in a post or two that you've got us all figured out. ;-)

Stay with us a while, & you might change your mind. Continuity (in reading/following a blogger's posts over time) does do a lot to give a person a bigger picture of a blogger's thoughts & thought processes.

Anyhooooooo, enough about that! See you in a few minutes, at my next post.......

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Abimars said...

totally agree with you

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