Friday, December 28, 2007

1 The Key to Life, The Universe, & The Meaning (& Construct) of My Blog (Part 2)


OK, so as promised, here's the continuation of the thread from my previous post:

In order to help you get the most out of this blog, I'd just like to discuss one final key organizational element of this blog, & clarify it's specific use here.

If you look at this blog's index (i.e., the section entitled "Labels"), you'll notice that there are various topical tags. Most of them should be fairly obvious & not need further explanation, but I'd like to explain just a few:


  • abimars (1) - Abi Mars is a blogger-runner pal of mine who not only has great courage, a glorious smile, & the hilarious wit to match it, but also just so happens to share many similar goals with me. The last I checked, she was on the final week of the Couch to 5K (CT5K/C25K) program & will soon embark on the Becoming a One Hour Runner (BOHR) program next. It goes without saying that I highly recommend her blog, but say it nonetheless I will. (Geez, that last sentence construct is very Yoda-like. Impersonate him I will. ;-0) She's also a frequent contributor/commenter here, & has earned the right to basically say pretty much anything she'd like to say here without censure. Yes, she's just that trusted, & yes, that completely cool & awesome.
  • awards (8) - Awards I've given to others or have won.
  • blogging (15) - Entries which discuss blogging.
  • body fat percentage (14) - Entries about my body fat percentage measurements & general articles/topics concerning body fat percentages (healthy & athletic ranges, etc.).
  • body image (5) - Any articles & journal entries concerning body image.
  • bohr (27) - Journal entries & articles concerning the BOHR (Becoming A One Hour Runner) program.
  • bthr (6) - Journal entries & articles concerning the BTHR (Becoming A Two Hour Runner) program.
  • castaway (1) - Another blogger-runner pal & frequent commenter, who has more recently changed his user id to "Mister Scott."
  • ct5k (40) - Journal entries & articles concerning the CT5K (Couch to 5K) program. Also commonly referred to by the majority of the world as the C25K. If you're curious to know why I diverge from the masses & instead created my own unique abbreviation, just read this explanation here.
  • cymrusteve (3) - My blogger-runner pal extraordinaire, cymrusteve, a.k.a., Steve Speirs. He's a regular contributor/commentor here on this blog, so I've given him his own tag as a badge of honor & respect for him as a friend, writer/blogger, & fantastic all-around athlete. Keep perusing this tag list to find other frequent commenters who've joined ranks with Steve & Abi. The people who have gotten special blog tags are the most frequent contributors/commenters of the lot, but there's always room for others. If you'd like to "see your name in lights" on my blog, all you have to do is become a regular contributor & I'll honor you with your own "badge" of honor - i.e., a tag. ;-) Also, please forgive me if I've forgotten to include/mention anyone's name here; it's not an intentional snub or anything! As soon as I blog about people, rest assured that I'll add tags for their names too!
  • digg (3) - Any entries related to Digg, especially those relating to the petition I started for runner-bloggers to get their own separate category on Digg. Interested? Just click on the tag & digg the related articles to do your bit. Or even better, take 2 seconds & send a short email to Digg about it.
  • eric gervase (1) - Eric Gervase is a fellow runner-blogger who's another frequent contributor/commenter on this blog. Please read the glowing review I just gave of his blog.
  • exercise psychology (13) - This category is most commonly used for general articles & advice, but can also be a not-so-secret little way for me to introduce my own observations about others' thoughts & perceptions on this topic.
  • fitness (3) - This is a general category, usually reserved for articles relating to fitness, but also sometimes used to describe my current state of fitness. Fitness articles can be about any type of aerobic exercise (running, cycling, etc., & other aerobic cross-training activities, etc.), flexibility/stretching, or any type of strength-training -- whether it be weight-lifting, core-strengthening exercises, etc. Basically, these articles are about anything fitness-related I care to write about!
  • flickr (1) - References to Flickr in general, or in specific, other people's Flickr pages, or my own Flickr page.
  • game of tag (1) - An annoying little blog-related game that smacks of chain-letters in days of yore. Due to the annoyance factor & not wanting to encourage others to bestow me with similar "honors," I'm seriously thinking about removing this tag. So be forewarned: Woe unto anyone else that slaps another one of these on me, because I've just about had it with these type of things. ;-) Just let them die, people. That purported curse on you, all of your progeny, & your Aunt Besty's cow, isn't going to come true, so just let it go. I & the rest of the world will thank you for it.
  • goal review (5) - Review of my personal fitness goals. I don't typically review other people's fitness goals, unless you are up for it. ;-) JUST kidding.
  • goals (23) - Any goal-related discussions, whether general or specific.
  • marathon-training (1) - Pertains to general discussion on the subject or specific log entries, once I start in with the marathon-training. It can also pertain to comments about others' marathon-training experiences as well, including fellow runner-blogger friends & compatriots.
  • miscellaneous (8) - When something is too minuscule or singular in occurrence to warrant a category of its own, but yet, still warrants some brief mention.
  • missladybug (1) - My sister & fellow blogger.
  • mister scott (1) - Mister Scott is a fellow blogger-runner & frequent commenter here. Some of you might know him by former username, Castaway. Check out his eloquently written blog.
  • nature walks (1) - Photos of the natural beauty I've captured with my digital camera while on nature walks.
  • newbies (1) - Usually a reference to general articles to help newbies of any sort - exercisers, runners, weight-lifters, bloggers, technophobes & the technology-challenged alike, etc.
  • non-cotton running apparel (7) - Related references to product reviews & comments.
  • nutrition (10) - Related references to tips or journal entries.
  • podcasts (6) - Related references to podcasts in musical or discussion format, mostly as they apply to running or fitness.
  • product reviews (8) - Product reviews of all sorts, regardless of category. No further explanation needed.
  • race info (1) - Specific races & related event information.
  • runs (58) - This reference is used to chronicle my runs, for journal entries only.
  • scale (25) - This tag appears anytime the scale icon/photo is shown.
  • steve speirs (2) - A.k.a., cymrusteve. See above for more details.
  • strength training workout (5) - Reference to journal entries of my strength-training workouts. (General strength-training tips/articles are filed under "fitness.")
  • tanita (1) - Articles & information about the Tanita body fat scale.
  • thank yous (3) - Posts expressing gratitude to others for various reasons.
  • tips (22) - Any & all types of tips/advice, regardless of category.
  • troubleshooting (2) - Technical problems relating to blogging & their solutions. I post these not just to give heads-up to readers about potential glitches on my blog, but to also help fellow bloggers who are struggling with similar technical problems find solutions. What can I say, I just like to help people.
  • walks (7) - Reference to journal entries of my walks.
  • weight gain (7) - Reference to journal entries of my weight changes.
  • weight loss (28) - Reference to journal entries of my weight changes.
  • weight management (1) - Reference to general weight management issues, whether personal or general.
I could go on about other features of this blog, but I won't torture you any further with my lengthy exposition on these matters. Hopefully, you've found some part of this post to be enlightening &/or interesting if not remotely entertaining. ;-) And if any of you are still clueless after reading this, then please slap yourself silly until you cry. And please for the love of Pete, don't tell me about it either, or I might end up crying too. ;-)

Don't you just love a sarcastic optimist?!!!!! ;-)


1 comment:

Abimars said...

* blush blush blush*

I only just introduced in my blog last week, shows you how disorganised I can be, but, I'm getting better.

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