Friday, December 28, 2007

0 The Key to Life, The Universe, & The Meaning (& Construct) of My Blog (Part 1)


OK, well putting all jokingly inflated post titles aside ;-), I'd like to comment a bit on how my blog & posts are organized, to help you get the most out of my blog, or just to help you find what you're looking for, if it's something specific.

This entry is for the newly-initiated among you who are just tuning into my blog, or for those of you who are longstanding readers & would just like more clarification on what the heck is going on here.

Who knows? Maybe the exact answers you are searching for might yet be found here, in this very blog.

For example: "What is the meaning of life?" you might ask. What a silly, silly question. The answer of course is 42. ;-) (Anyone who doesn't get that reference, please slap yourself twice for not being enough of a sci-fi/fantasy fan to know what I'm talking about here. That would mean that your geek street cred is like, uh, ZERO. Now, REALLY, people! Tisk, tisk, tisk. Ask me a REALLY challenging question, will you?!)

I do realize that there will probably be some people whom, upon hearing such explanations, will still miss the point & be confused no matter what, but let's just assume for the moment, for all intentional purposes, that whomever you are, (yes you, who happens to be reading my blog right now), that you are not one of those unfortunate people. ;-)

While I do write about myself & my experiences, as one of the primary purposes of the blog is to chronicle my progress on the way to improved fitness & health & eventual marathon-training (i.e., hence the use of the word "journal" in the title of this blog ;-) ), I also dispense advice, & lots of it.

Again, if you read the description underneath the title of my blog, most of this should already be patently obvious. But then again, people don't always look first to see what's immediately in front of their face before speaking aloud or posing a question. As most truly wise human beings know, speaking first & thinking later can sometimes have dangerous consequences. And most of these very wise individuals know this often via direct personal experience. ;-) But nonetheless, let us discuss this blog's content & how it's organized.

As people tend to respond to pictures (as the lot of us are almost conditioned to respond to repeating visual stimuli like Pavlov's dog ;-) ), you'll notice that you might see a lot of photos/pictures, & that these photos sometimes appear again & again. Why would I do such a thing? Am I trying to torture my audience & bore them with the same damn pictures over & over again? Have I run out of interesting pictures to post?

I assure you that it's nothing of the above. Here's what some of those pictures mean....

The below pictoral guide lists the most commonly repeated photos & reveals their intended purposes/meanings. Repeated pictures are most commonly appropriated for journal log entries of my personal progress reports......

-- Journal entries of changes in my body weight &/or overall body fat percentage are indicated by a photo of my Tanita body fat scale. These posts are a log of my progress in these areas. General articles on weight & body-fat measurement/management-related topics will not show the scale icon.

If you do not care to read these entries, I promise you, I will not be offended. (In reality, I will probably be somewhat relieved, as these posts are rather revealing on a personal level.) I realize that some of you are probably here to read about weight loss or nutrition, some of you are here to read about running, & some of you are probably here for other reasons altogether. Hopefully, atleast some of you are here because you enjoy reading my writing! ;-)

(In fact, I'd be interested to hear from those of you who regularly read my blog or perhaps subscribe to it, as to why you are here & what you hope to gain from reading my blog. I have in fact already heard from several of my blogger-pals about this, but would also be interested to hear from those of you who haven't yet commented.)

But back to the weight-loss entries: As I just wrote as a response to a recent commenter, the weight-loss journal entries (& their affiliated symbols) will no longer appear once I lose all of the weight. Of course, should I regain any of that weight (heaven forbid the thought!), you might see a return of those entries, but for now, let us emphatically assume (with great confidence in my own abilities, acknowledging a deeper & more permanent level of change) that that won't happen. And I'll be doing everything in my power to make sure of that! Of course, I'll still be talking about nutrition & health in general & specific (i.e., personal) ways, so for those of you who enjoy these topics, rest assured that they won't be going away anytime soon. I also reserve the right to continue dispensing advice about weight loss in general, should anyone write me for my advice about it or if I should choose to write an article about this topic.

-- Locations of my runs are indicated by photos depicting the area. Of course that concept should be fairly obvious by now to those of you who've been following my blog for a while, but new readers might like to know that. ;-) Sometimes, for whatever reason, I might not always be able to take a picture of the locale as it appears in the present tense (i.e., to reflect the current year or the changing of the season, etc., etc.), but I will usually find some kind of picture to post of the area where I ran.

-- Journal records of my strength-training workouts are indicated by the photo of the rack of free-weights. Again, obvious to old readers but possibly useful to new ones. Again, general articles about strength-training won't show the photo of the rack of free-weights, although there might be other photos or videos displaying related subject matter or demonstrating various strength-training exercises.

Since this has become such a long post, I'm going to break up the content into two separate posts. The next section will talk about the specific purpose of various commonly used tags that are appear in this blog.

If you already get the gist of how my blog's organized & find this stuff rather dry & tedious, then feel free to skip ahead to something else more to your liking. ;-)

However, I do have one final enticement for reading the second part of this article: If you are are one of my blogger-pals who frequently comment here on this blog, you might want to check out Part 2, as your name will very likely be mentioned there, along with a paragraph or two about you & your blog.

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