Thursday, December 6, 2007

3 Looking Ahead to Next Week's New Running Program (BTHR)


I've been doing a lot of thinking about the new running program I've recently devised, "Becoming A Two-Hour Runner" (BTHR). I realize that this plan might appear daunting to some, due to it's 25-week duration. However, if the prospect of completing a program of this length seems insurmountable to you, I'd like to suggest that you instead think of the program as 3 separate but consecutive running plans, as it's actually a 3-phase program. The smartest strategy is to approach each phase as a training program in its own right, and to keep the mind focused on the present -- the daily runs or the runs you'll be doing that week (instead of skipping ahead too far). If you look at the program this way, i.e., in a step-by-step fashion, it's easier to wrap your head around the program's ultimate, long-term goals.

The first phase is 5-weeks, & is meant to acclimate the body to running the hour-long distance, using intervals of various speeds ranging from 30 to 60 minutes throughout the week. This should help to improve endurance & overall pace.

Next is a 10-week phase, which will bring the overall running time to 1.5 hours.

And finally, there's a final 10-week phrase, which will bring the overall running time to 2 hours.

You'll notice that the program is very gradual, and takes its time building mileage. This concept is very important to a runner's overall health & well-being, and its significance should not be overlooked. The body needs time to acclimate, & cannot be rushed. Otherwise, injury will most certainly follow. This gradual progression is not just for the benefit of your heart & lungs, it's also for your legs & other moving body parts!

It's far better to train moderately & well, than to ask the body to do something it's ill-prepared to do in a short period of time & risk injury!

As I mentioned previously, please note that BTHR is an untested (i.e., beta) program. I would strongly advise that you wait until I've personally completed the program & have commented on its effectiveness, &/or have made the appropriate revisions to further refine the program to ensure the best outcome.

I'll keep you posted as I move along in the program, using my own body as the initial test subject! Of course, this doesn't mean that I'll mindlessly charge ahead with the schedule if I find it too aggressive or ill-suited to its original intended purpose. It's very likely that I'll modify the program as I progress through it, indicating what works & what needs revision. Once I'm done with the full 25-weeks, I hope to share any knowledge &/or insights I've gained via the completion of this program. After all, I would only recommend a program that I've personally experienced & completed.

Until then, stay tuned for progress reports & program updates.

I wish all of you continued success with your running/workouts!



Eric Gervase said...

Right on... It's funny, I was one of (ok, maybe the one) the people who had commented on the length of the plan. And, you're right. The phases are important to note. In fact, I actually do this in my own training. But, I usually don't have as good a plan in place. I go from one plan to the next. But, I usually don't decide on my next plan until I have finished my previous one (or close). I've never planned it so well.

Anyhow, I know you are putting a lot of "beta" talk into your blog about the plan. But, the plan seems very well conceived. I don't think it's too aggressive. But, aggressive enough to challenge you. Good work.

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Eric! I appreciate your supportive comments, which have been very insightful & helpful. So thanks very much for all of your input!

Well, regarding the beta talk, I just want to make sure that the plan works properly before recommending it to others! Yes, it's true that a lot of thought's been put into the plan, but the true measure of the plan will be its results! ;-)

I'd love to hear about the running programs that you've tried! Perhaps we can compare notes.


Eric Gervase said...

Sorry... forgot to click the "email follow up button" and just realized you responded to this...

I've done C25k (like you), the one-hour runner (I think you've done this too) and moved right into marathon training with Higdon Beginner 2.

I ran the full gamut last year. I went from 5k to 4 miler to 5 miler to half marathon to marathon in a 10 month period of time. It was crazy and too fast. You're definitely taking the smarter approach.

I'm just building miles right now. But, I'll be putting myself on a plan shortly.

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