Tuesday, December 25, 2007

2 Run 1, Week 2 (BTHR): Christmas Day Run


Today's run started at 12 noon. Was supposed to run a fast 30 minutes today, according to the BTHR running schedule. Ran 4 laps in 33:40. (Or approximately an 11:22 minute mile.) Which, while not quite what I was hoping to achieve today, was still pretty good, considering I was fighting waves of nausea throughout the run & still managed to keep going through it all.

Only had a 1 min warm-up walk today due to time constraints. (Am meeting friends at 1 pm to drive into the city for a holiday movie & dinner. Was my own fault for not moving faster when I got up this morning so as to run earlier in the day, but oh well, makes no difference thinking about that now.)

Temperature was a relatively warm 41 degrees - I wore two layers on top (long sleeve running top & fleece parka) & one layer on the bottom (running pants). Felt really warm after 2 laps, so took off fleece parka, light liner gloves, & neck warmer, & just ran in long sleeve running top & running pants.

As usual, popped 1 Ibuprofen before the run. My left knee was a tad sore by lap 3, but it didn't hurt too much, just throbbed slightly.

OK, got to dash into the shower now; I barely have any time to get ready for today's get-together!

Happy Holidays!


cymrusteve said...

nice christmas day run! well done for fitting it in to your busy schedule...

looking long term, hope your knee will be ok. i cringe every time i read that it's a "tad sore". i know from experience that a nagging injury can come back to haunt you later on.

look after yourself :)


Abimars said...

You ran on Christmas day? SHOW OFF!!!

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