Thursday, December 6, 2007

0 Run 1, Week 4 (CT5K): We're Almost Half-way There!


My friend & I ran around 3 pm today. (She had the day off, so we were able to run while there was still daylight outside. Yea!) It was about 27 degrees (Brrrr!), but thankfully, it wasn't windy & the sun was shining. It was so nice to do our joint run earlier in the day!

Initially, we were a bit concerned about the ice, as my friend had noticed a lot of ice & Erik had also reported that the path rather icy this morning during his morning run. While it was a bit icy in spots, they'd thankfully salted & shoveled most of the path beforehand, & the sun had also helped to melt the ice a bit, so it wasn't too bad.

Today, there was about 16 minutes of total running time today, with alternating double sets of 3 & 5-minute runs. My friend's fitness level is definitely improving. This time, she was definitely less winded during the 3 minute running intervals.

We're both very happy that we're now running together on a more regular basis. It feels great to keep moving forward in our program, especially after experiencing so many breaks in the continuity of our workouts. While the breaks couldn't be helped, as many of them were important events & vacations, it does feel great that we can now commit ourselves to regularly scheduled joint workouts. The goal right now is to run together twice a week; since my friend hasn't been doing her third run on the weekends, we've been doing the third run together on the following Tuesday. While it'll take us a bit longer to progress this way, it appears that this time-table is a more realistic goal for my friend right now. She's got a heavy workload & works long hours, & doesn't have a lot of time for herself, so I still applaud her for making the effort to run with me two times a week. After all, two workouts are certainly much better than no workouts. ;-)

Perhaps if Alfred Tennyson had been a runner, he'd have written the following:

'Tis better to have run two times, than not to have run at all. ;-)


While my knees felt fine during our run, my left knee's currently a tad bit sore. So it looks like there's going to be some more Ibuprofen & ice packs for me tonight.

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