Wednesday, December 19, 2007

4 Run 2, Week 1 (BTHR): Back On The Road Again....


Market St.

Well, I'm back on the road again, in two senses of the word: I'm at my parents' home, having travelled here for a brief stay, & am also back to running after a brief hiatus.

I decided to run today instead of yesterday. The run started at 2:30 pm. During my 55:03 minute run, there were snowflakes falling all around me, & it was a pleasant (read, "not-too-windy!") 34 degrees. ;-) Luckily, none of the snow was sticking to the road & there were only small patches of ice in spots.

I was really bundled up, wearing 3 layers on top (a shirt, a fleece zip jacket, & a Gortex jacket on top of that), two layers on the bottom (2 layers of running pants!), a neck warmer, wool headband, & fleece gloves. I felt very puffy & well padded, & probably looked like the abominable snowman!


Later, I hopped in my car & retraced the path I took. There was a small portion I couldn't measure because I'd have to have driven my car through an underground tunnel path! ;-) However, I estimate that I ran somewhere between 4.8 & 5.0 miles.

So my pace today was approximately an 11-minute mile. Not exactly speed lightening, but within keeping of my definition of a "moderate pace" for what should've been a 40-minute run. (Also, there were several large hills, so that partly accounts for today's pace. It was definitely more challenging than my usual course back home.) Of course, part of the reason I ran more than 40 minutes is my typical reason for doing so: I just had to finish the running loop to get back to where I started, which took longer than originally anticipated.

As far as the extra time was concerned, it doesn't seem to have impacted my knees. They weren't swollen & felt just fine afterwards, which is the most important factor in the equation right now. Of course, just to be on the safe side, I popped 2 Ibuprofen & iced both knees just in case!


Eric Gervase said...

My apologies if you answered to this the last time I posted it.. But, you should check out You wouldn't have to do the drive to find out how far you went. I use it all the time. It works great. Anyhow... Just thought that would help you measure the distance on your runs.

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Eric,
Thanks so much for the excellent suggestion! I'm off to check out this site.....
Have a great weekend,

Eric Gervase said...

You're welcome... Happy holidays.

Abimars said...

lol @ abominable snowman!

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