Thursday, December 27, 2007

2 Run 2, Week 2 (BTHR) + Run 3, Week 4 (CT5K): One Run Runs Into Another!


I was supposed to run 40 minutes at a moderate pace for today's solo run. Well, instead, due to my own procrastination via blogging, I managed to only have time to fit in a "fast" 33+ minutes.

I had a very hurried/rushed run, as I'd bolted out the door at 5:36 pm & was supposed to meet my friend only 24 minutes later for our joint run at 6 pm.

In fact, I was cutting things so close that by the time 6 pm rolled around, I still had one more lap to go before I finished my solo run. Thankfully, my friend hadn't yet arrived, so I quickly ran the final lap. As I came around the final stretch of the final lap, I saw my friend waiting for me at the starting point of our run. Talk about cutting it close!

My friend probably waited no more than 5-10 minutes for me, or maybe didn't even wait that long. (Between the two of us, one of us usually runs a few minutes late! ;-) ) Atleast she didn't freeze while waiting, as it was really warm outside (i.e., low 50's).

I was so hurried, in fact, that I ran my usual 4 laps in about 33:03, which is about a 11:01 minute mile. Not bad. I shaved off a good 21 seconds off my lap time from Tuesday's run (i.e., 4 laps in 33:40, or an 11:22 minute-mile). Then my friend & I ran together, first walking a lap to warm-up & then repeating the final run of Week 4 (since we hadn't run together for 2 weeks!). Then afterward, we went out together, whereupon she graciously treated me to dinner. (She'd had some certificates for two free meals, & it was really sweet of her to think of me!) We had a great time!


Of course, I paid the price for my faster lap time with some latent post-run knee throbbing, which occurred much later in the evening. (I felt fine before & during my first & second runs!) Even the Ibuprofen I'd taken - one before & one afterwards, wasn't really doing much of anything to improve the situation. And it got worse as the evening progressed. Thankfully, we were sitting down over the next few hours! I don't know what I would've done if there'd had been a wait for a table (at the restaurant) with nowhere to sit!

I now feel much better several hours later, but of course I know that I've got to be careful & attend to my knees properly, especially if I want to have a long & productive running "career."

And so, as a direct result of this evening's knee throbbing, I might be temporarily suspending my BTHR program to do some indoor biking, as a way to simultaneously maintain fitness & also lessen the pressure/friction on the knees/joints.

We'll see how I feel this Saturday, when it comes time to do my slow-paced 60-minute run. Perhaps it'll be a 60-minute indoor biking or rowing machine session instead!

Next up on the CT5K agenda: We're planning to resume with Run 1, Week 5 (CT5K) this upcoming Tuesday. I think I should atleast be able to handle the much lighter running intervals, as it's only a few consecutive minutes of running, & thus less wear & tear on the knees. We'll see how I feel.

Perhaps I'll just do some stationary biking this Saturday to save my knees for next week's runs.


The weird ironic thing is that the only reason I'm having knee problems in the first place is due to an isolated incident back in October 2006, in which I injured my knees during a particularly strenuous workout, while I was vacationing with my family at Canyon Ranch. Our health & fitness-focused vacation was overall, a truly amazing experience that I will not soon forget. However, at that point in time, I was entirely out of shape & also repeatedly egged on to exercise more stringently by a particularly zealous exercise-nut who is also a family member (& shall remain nameless).

Now that I think about it, this family member is currently in very sad shape in terms of their running "career," as they've managed to injure themselves on repeated occasions while working out, to the point of not being able to run anymore. Had I realized that this person was insane back then & has still not learned their lesson to this very day even after multiple injuries (i.e., this person, who is now age 66 & has two bad knees & several other injuries, is currently thinking about running a 5K race with me -- a very BAD idea, & I've told them so!), I would've completely ignored this person's advice to push myself harder. But of course there's no point in wishing to rewind the clock, as I can't change the past & can only move forward.....

But back to my knee injury "history": Before this point (i.e., the injury of October 2006), I had a brief brush with bursitis, & a bone bruise on my right knee (due to an ice rink injury caused by idiot ice hockey skater that'd crashed into me while going way too fast), but both of these injuries had occurred in the early 90's & I'd never had any significant problems with my knees since then ...until now.

I generally like to think of my body as a sturdy machine (as I'm typically very happy with it in terms of its athletic performance), but I'm not crazy enough to think that I'm indestructible either. ;-)


Abimars said...

Hmmn the dreaded knee again, just like cyrmsteve I am beginning to cringe each time you mention it. Please take care of it we've got loads of running and blogging years ahead of us, lol

Abimars said...

oops spelling mistake, I meant cymrusteve

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