Saturday, December 22, 2007

1 Run 3, Week 1 (BTHR) + Strength-Training: Holiday Eating Damage Control In The Works! ;-)


Today was apparently the first official day of winter. Not that you'd know it by the photos I've posted above. Since I didn't get a chance to snap a current photo of the place where I ran today, & felt that I had to post some kind of photos to illustrate the site, I instead posted the above photos, showing the area in much nicer weather.

Of course, these lovely scenes are nothing like what it looked like during my run! ;-) The grounds were snow-covered & icy, but thankfully the roads had been kept clear by plowing machines.

Yesterday, we'd travelled for several hours, in order to celebrate X-mas (early, i.e., over this weekend) with Erik's family. I'd originally planned to run yesterday (before our trip began), but due to the number of pre-travel errands I had to accomplish, that run never happened! (It seems that over the past few weeks several of my planned runs never materialized on the exact date I'd planned, but rather had been postponed by a few days. But atleast I'm still fitting in my runs! ;-) )

As you may've noticed, I've been running a lot in different locales, due to all of the travel I've been doing (holiday-related & otherwise). And today's run was no different. This time, I ran around the neighborhood where Erik's mom lives.

The nice thing about running is that it's very "portable." You can literally run almost anywhere. While it's true that some places are more runner-friendly than others, I think that, if you're really determined to run, you'll find a way to make it work, even if you're on vacation, on the road for business travel, working endless hours, or in the midst of studying for finals. As the old cliché goes, "where there's a will, there's a way." And when it comes to running & fitness in general, it's all about how motivated you really are to find the time & the place to workout.

And this is even truer when the cold weather starts to roll around. Even if you don't belong to a gym (for whatever reason) & so, might not have access to a treadmill, weight machines or free weights, you can still workout. You just have to be more creative about it, & adjust your way of thinking about how you'll exercise.

If you can't run indoors & therefore have no alternative but to run outside in freezing cold weather or rain, it might just require that you bundle up more heavily or wear waterproof gear. Or if the path's iced-over, get cramp-ons. ;-) OK, everybody has their limits with what they'll bear, but you get my point.

Those of you who've been faithfully following my blog's trajectory might recall reading a previous post regarding a friend of mine who managed to exercise using nothing other than his body. He did sit-ups, push-ups, resistance exercises using a wall & the floor, squats, leg-lifts, & ran.

Again, my point is that, even with severe limitations -- whether they be your budget, injuries*, the weather, etc. -- exercise is still possible. You just have to adjust your mindset & the body will follow. We all have limitations; it's just how we decide to work around those limitations that makes all the difference.

If if helps motivate you, take inspiration from the triumphs of people who managed to do a lot with only a little.

[* - Please note: I'm not suggesting that you exercise the injured area directly, which might cause further damage. An example of what I mean is that, while you might not be able to run on an injured leg (nor is it advisable!), but you might be able to swim or do other activities which still allow you to move without further aggravating the injury. As always, you should consult a physician to determine whether or not exercising with a particular injury is advisable.]


But back to today's run. Here are the basic details: I ran at 10 am for a total of 60 minutes. The temperature was 34 degrees, & while the grounds were snow-covered, it didn't snow during my run. I did several laps around the neighborhood, but couldn't measure my distance since I indiscriminately weaved in & out in different patterns that I can't now remember or retrace after the fact. ;-) There were several hills, so while I can't measure the exact distance, I do know that I got a very good workout! ;-)

After my run, I met up with Erik at his mother's gym, which was close by & within walking distance. He'd already done his hour of aerobic fitness (30 minutes on the stationary bike & 30 minutes on the stairstepper).

At the gym, I did 100 crunches (which are better for your back than full sit-ups!), 20 bent-knee push-ups, & my usual regimen of 20 reps each arm with 5 lb. weights of various exercises -- concentration curls, front shoulder raises (with forearms perpendicular to the ground), front raises (with forearms parallel to the ground), shoulder press, alternate dumbbell curls, pectoral "machine" flyes (substituting with barbells!), one arm rows, & calf raises (without barbells!). I also did one another set of one arm rows of 20 reps each arm with 10 lb. weights. (I'd unintentionally left out the shoulder rolls/shrugs, due to forgetfulness!)

After my workout, I felt truly wonderful. Now I could look forward to eating tonight's holiday meal & desserts, & just relax about it!

While I'm not going to deny myself anything I want, I'm not going to stuff to the hilt either! There's no need to gorge myself, as it's not enjoyable to overeat & then get sick to one's stomach. I'll just eat until I feel satisfied, keeping an eye towards moderation & reasonable portion sizes.

As the typical Gemini, I like variety in food as in other things, so with me, it's more about satisfying my palate, to taste different flavors, than to eat large quantities of food. So I'll eat what I want to satisfy my appetite & taste buds, but not necessarily in endless quantities! I'm just going to eat until I feel full. At any rate, I'm certainly going to enjoy tonight's holiday feast!

Happy Holidays,

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Abimars said...

I have this intense fear of the gym, I don't know if its all the near perfect bodies, or all the machines, its the only place I feel claustrophobic, hence my love for running.

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