Thursday, December 13, 2007

3 Run 3, Week 4 (CT5K) + Run 1, Week 1 (BTHR): One Run Inside, One Run Outside!


At 2 pm, it was 34 degrees & drizzling, so my friend & I went indoors for our very first joint treadmill workout. It was nice to see what the CT5K interval training felt like on the treadmill, because more than likely, we'll be doing more indoor workouts until the program ends in January. While I'm going to encourage her to run outdoors with me as much as possible, we both know that there are going to be some days when icy conditions or heavy downpours will most likely force us indoors. Let me preface this by saying that I don't have a problem anymore with running in the rain, as I now happen to own a Gortex warm-up suit, thanks to my mother's generous donation to the cause! However, my friend isn't so keen to run in the rain, as she can't seem to find her rain slicker! ;-)

My friend & I hung out at the gym & talked for a while. By then it'd stopped raining. I ran my solo run outside shortly afterwards, at 3:45 pm. Following the BTHR workout plan, I ran a fast 4 laps around the lake, which ended up being 32:29 minutes today! Or, a 10:50 minute mile. My best time yet this year! I know most people would probably think it's nothing to crow about, but considering my former state of physical fitness just a few months prior, it does show decent improvement.

In the next couple months, I'd like to whittle my time down to a ten-minute mile. I think with the increased distance interspersed with short fast runs, I should be able to make considerable progress in this area. If only I could get back to my former time of an 8 minute mile! ;-) That's a long way off, but at this point, I'm just happy to be making continual progress!

If I just take the training one step at a time, I'm confident that I can make significant strides (pun intended!) in the next several months to a year. I can't wait to see how much improvement I can make over the next 1-2 years! By the beginning of June, I'll hopefully be running 2 hours (or close to a half-marathon training distance), & by the end of the year, who knows how far I'll be running! If I'm running 13-15 miles by the end of next year, then the following year (i.e., 2009) I hope to really buckle down & get to work on actual marathon-training. I figure I'll have worked up a considerable amount of mileage by then, so it'll just be a matter of fitting in the number of runs required to get my training to where it needs to be, in order to be adequately prepared for racing conditions. I'm so excited just thinking about it all! There's so much to look forward to accomplishing!


greg said...

I know what you mean about the weather driving you inside. It's cold here today, too. 57 F outside right now and the high is only supposed to be 63. Yesterday it was almost 80.

Eric Gervase said...

I think you will be surprised how quickly your pace will speed up. The longer (time and distance) you run, the quicker you'll get. It will be a while before you will have to actually do speed training to get faster. Just the added miles and fitness will do it for now.

I do know you are already doing some speed work now though. So, that will help too.

Abimars said...

Whenever I run in the rain I get all sorts of looks some "oh, I wish I could be that committed" some "Is she crazy! its raining" some "yeah, Show off" lol,
Its good that you are so organised and you know what fitness levels you want to achieve I wish I could be that organised.

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