Sunday, December 9, 2007

0 Runners, Let's Get Our Own Category on Digg!


Fellow Runners & Fitness Enthusiasts,
I urge you to please digg the following article, "Calling All Runners & Bloggers: Help Petition Digg For Our Own Separate Category!", so that we can get our own category on Digg. Isn't time we runners got our own category on Digg instead of being lumped in with the "Other Sports" category? Wouldn't it be great if all of our running articles were categorized under a separate "running" category, to make these resources easier to find?!

Let's make our voices heard. Help yourself & others get increased visibility for their running blogs & more exposure for the sport itself.

Please join us. It literally takes a second to do, but all of your fellow runner-blogger mates would greatly appreciate it! If you're feeling particularly motivated, I also encourage you to blog about the topic on your own running/fitness blogs &/or email about it. Please don't forget to reference the aforementioned link.

Thanks so much!


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