Monday, December 31, 2007

0 Season's Bests for 2007


So, to end out the year, here are the "season's bests" & new PRs for 2007:

Season Bests

4.76K (2.96 mi): 32:29 (12/13/07)
8.3K (5.18 mi): 1:01:36 (12/29/07)

Personal Bests

4.76K (2.96 mi): 32:29 (12/13/07)*
8.3K (5.18 mi): 1:01:36 (12/29/07)*

*=I've run 3 & 5 mile distances much faster than this in the past, but this is the first time that I've officially tracked these very specific distance measurements (i.e., for the 2.96 &5.18 mi distances), since they correlate to laps around a particular lake of a particular length (1 lap = 0.74 mi, or 4.76K).

Here's to exceeding the above milestones & achieving even more in 2008!

Happy New Year's Eve, all!


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