Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2 Short-Term Goal Review: Am I On Target?


Time for another short-term goal review. Since my BOHR program ended today, it seems as good a time as any to do another progress assessment.

This is the second short-term goal review I've done so far. (The last one I did was on 10/3/07, & covered the period of 7/21-9/21/07).

In keeping with my strategy of continual reassessment, I will now provide a brutally honest assessment of my progress in achieving my originally stated short-term fitness & nutrition goals, & will also set new short-term goals for the next 2 month period.

So the question is this: Have I achieved my short-term goals of the previous 2-month review period & am I on target with my upcoming short-term goals? Let us now review these goals & compare with the results:


Flexibility: Stretch before & after all workouts.
Goal Assessment: Did warm-up & cool-down walks & additional stretching.
Reassessment Plan of Action: Still need to get some stretching straps like the fabulous ones I used at Canyon Ranch! Note to self: Put this on to-do list.

Aerobic Fitness: Complete the BOHR program in 10 weeks/2 months (by mid-December).
Goal Assessment: Achieved!
Reassessment Plan of Action: I've gotten a new running plan, BTHR, which will occupy/challenge me for the next 25 weeks (or 5 1/2 months). (The end goal date for completing the BTHR program is 6/1/08.)

Nutrition: Follow the spirit (if not the letter of) the Abs Diet Plan for the next 10 weeks (concurrent with exercise program).
Goal Assessment:
Mostly achieved. While I more or less followed the breakfast meal plan, I strayed a bit at times from the "meal, snack, meal, snack, meal, snack" plan. Sometimes I didn't eat as often as I should have and not surprisingly, these results were often reflected on the scale/body fat percentage measurements & in my fitness energy level. However, I did eat healthfully most of the time; yes, there were a few isolated instances in which I strayed from the eating plan, but that is not only allowed, but highly recommended! ;-) Let me explain: The Abs plan builds in a weekly "cheat meal," which I sometimes optioned (as a restaurant meal) & sometimes used instead to eat a treat, usually a fattening dessert or snack. On the few occasions in which I ate these treats, it didn't get out of hand, with the one notable exception being the weekend of my trunk show (11/30-12/2). So I'm going to pat myself on the back for a job (mostly!) well done.

Reassessment Plan of Action: I need to get back to basics & eat small meals & snacks more often/regularly. Also I need to option my weekly "cheat meals" as a way to prevent "going nutso" like I did during that trunk show weekend. ;-) A food fest every now isn't the worst thing that can happen, but it did noticeably slow down my weight loss progress over the last few weeks. It sent my body fat percentages spinning back upwards again, as well as my weight! While I was still able to turn it around in a matter of days, I'd like to avoid backtracking too much, as I only have 7.6 pounds left to lose. I'm too close to my final goal to turn back now!

And further down the road, I know I'll need to think about following a realistic & effective weight maintenance plan which incorporates regular exercise, eating strategies, & a solid nutritional foundation. Basically, it'll be a continuation of the principles I've been already successfully employing thus far, the only difference being that the efforts will focus on weight maintenance, race-training, & performance-focused nutrition. The exciting thing about the idea of reaching my goal weight will be that soon I will be able to redirect my focus towards athletic performance. I'm excited when I think about how much I can potentially improve cardiovascular fitness, toning, flexibility, & strength! Can't wait to transform my body into a taut & toned muscular machine (!), as I take my fitness to yet another level.

Nutrition: Take multivitamins every day.
Goal Assessment: Did better than the last two months, but a lot of improvement is still needed in this area. Again, I took multivitamins when I remembered to take them, which was only about 2-3 times a week or less!
Reassessment Plan of Action: I still need to set up automated reminders in Toodledoo or MS Outlook. There's simply NO excuse! Reminder to self: Stop blogging & set this up NOW!

Nutrition/Hydration: Drink 8 eight-oz. glasses of water a day.
Goal Assessment: Mostly achieved! Kind of dropped off my efforts in the last month, & have probably only been reaching about 60-70% of my goal.
Reassessment Plan of Action: Get back into the habit of using the F.I.T. (Fluid Intake Tracker) clip Erik bought me to track my water intake.

Core Strength: Do 50 situps 3 times a week (preferably on same days as the BOHR runs).
Goal Assessment: Very inconsistent! Only did a few sets of situps over the past few months. While I'm getting better at incorporating situps into the mix, it's not at the level of where it needs to be.
Reassessment Plan of Action: Do situps in the gym after one of my weekly runs, to ensure they get done. Best to do them at the same time I do my strength workout. Also, for the next 2 months, I'm going to increase the number of situps I do to 100, since there's really not that much difference between doing 50 & doing 100 of them.

Arm Strength: Once a week, do 10 push-ups & also lift 5-10 lb. free-weights.
Goal Assessment: While I am getting better at lifting weights, again, it's nowhere near the level it should be.
Reassessment Plan of Action: Again, I'll do my arm strength training in the gym, on the same day as my situps & other strength-training exercises. I find that if I do them in the gym, they actually get done, versus waiting until I get home to lift or do pushups. If I'm in a situation in which I don't have access to a gym, I can certainly make do, but right now, I need all the reinforcement I can get! ;-) I'm currently working on building a pattern of strength-training, so if doing my strength-training in the gym lowers my resistance to the activity, that's what I'll do! ;-) Also, for the next 2 months, I'll be increasing the number of pushups to 20, & will continue to follow the series of barbell workouts I got from

Leg Strength: Do leg lifts once a week.
Goal Assessment: Failed miserably! I did my leg strengthening exercises far fewer times than my arm workouts! ;-)
Reassessment Plan of Action: Again, I'll do my leg lifts in the gym, on the same day as my situps & other strength-training exercises. ;-) Since I don't have access to nautilus equipment right now, I'll just start with 20 lifts for each leg, doing various types of leg lifts (i.e., front, side, rear, & bent-knee lifts, plus bent-knee cross-overs, etc.).

Weight Loss: Lose 8-10 pounds in the next 2-3 months (by December 11).
Goal Assessment: Achieved & exceeded! From 9/19-12/12, I lost 13.2 pounds.
Reassessment Plan of Action: My weight loss goal for the next 2 month period (i.e., from 12/12-2/12) will be to lose another 8-10 pounds. As I'll continue to increase both the distance & intensity of my runs with the upcoming BTHR program, it should be an achievable goal.

The next post will discuss/assess my long-term goals....


gillie said...

Wow! It seems like such a herculean task to do everything on your to do list. Congrats to you for even attempting all of that and I wish you continued good luck!


cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Dave, for your comments! Yes, sometimes it does seem like a lot of things to be thinking about, especially if they are considered all at once! ;-) However, it's easier to think about these goals more like a checklist of things to be scheduled or incorporated into the pattern of everyday life. I like to take it once step at a time but also check in occasionally to look at the big picture, to see how I'm doing overall. For some people this can be daunting or distracting, but for me, it usually works to keep me on track.

As you'll notice, I've only achieved a portion of the original short-term goals, but every day is a new day & I keep getting progressively better at fitting it all in. Most of what we do in life is often a series of repeated events that we do every day, (I don't like to use the word habit, because it seems to suggest that we unconsciously walk through life like zombies!), so why not try to incorporate repeat tasks that are healthy, right?! It's not such an insurmountable task when you break it all down into smaller, manageable pieces. Thanks again for your comments & I look forward to hearing more from you in future!


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