Wednesday, December 5, 2007

0 Strength Training Workout: Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things


Immediately after tonight's run, I went to the gym & did a strength-training workout, consisting of multiple sets of 20 reps for various free weight arm exercises (concentration curls, shoulder press, shoulder shrugs, front shoulder raise, one arm rows, kick backs, fly press, etc.) with 5 & 10 lb. weights, 20 (bent-knee) push-ups, & 100 sit-ups.

I just realized that my last strength-training session was on October 30th, during my vacation in beautiful, sunny Palm Springs. Yikes! Well, I'm going to have to step it up a notch, & make an earnest effort to do strength-training atleast once a week. That's a very modest goal.

Since my gym only has free weights, I think I can do the arm workouts on atleast one of the same days that I run. That way, atleast I'm already dressed to workout, & it'll lower the resistance barrier to strength-training. Or atleast, one would hope that this is the case. ;-)

I know I also really need to do a lower-body strength-training session as well, but for now, since I lack equipment & my knees aren't in great shape, my options are fairly limited. With delicate knees, squats are definitely not an option for me right now. However, I can certainly do leg-lifts on my own, & will research what other kinds of lower-body training workouts I can do without relying on nautilus machines, since I don't currently have access to this type of equipment.

I almost forgot: My dad recently offered to give me his isometric weight machine, so I think I'll take him up on the offer. ;-) That'll certainly help!

Anytime I even think about using the "I don't have the proper weight-training equipment" excuse, I remind myself of what one of my friends accomplished with nothing more than his body & a pair of running sneakers. He lost weight & got into shape by running, doing push-ups, sit-ups, & a host of other exercises that only required his body, a floor, &/or a wall. He did all of his strength-training exercises using nothing more than his own body weight! In addition to getting into great physical shape, I think he lost about 30 lbs. or more in a matter of months. His accomplishments (& especially the simple & straight-forward manner in which he achieved them) were (& still are) truly inspirational!

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