Friday, December 28, 2007

1 What in the Heck?!


You might notice, particularly from my last fiery little post, that one of my biggest frustrations as a writer/human being is this: Why, when I take the time to explain things in excruciating detail, do those same people, who were supposed to be listening to what I said or wrote, then turn around & ask me the most inane questions! Are they stupid or just tuning me out? Are we on different planets? Do I really stink that much at explaining things? I often feel like I've completely wasted my time & my breath in explaining things, & as you can see, have become very touchy about the whole affair.

So why am I venting about this & being completely ornery & petulant?! What the heck's my problem? Where did that cheery sense of optimism go? Er, I'll answer that: Down the toilet, with the rest of the happy way I was feeling, only a few days ago.

Even optimists are allowed to feel crabby from time to time, & as I've said before, I reserve the right to be a moody @(#*&#$*&^!!!!! After all, being cheery all the time isn't even realistic (or even normal or healthy, especially when it used as a means of suppressing other not-so-nice feelings) for most of us humans, & while I like to smile as next as the next person, I occasionally go all flat & lifeless & sad or angry & bitchy, & yes, even get depressed from time to time. There I said it. Happy now, the rest of you glum people of the world?

Right now, I don't even need a reason for my moodiness. As most men can already tell you, this is the part where they usually "exit stage left" to avoid the oncoming hormone explosion of an incoming female. Even other women, small children, & animals can sometimes sense that it might be wise to exit the room at a time like this.

Speaking of which, there's another really good explanation for this moodiness, although I dare not write about it here. ;-)

Anyone who lives within 5 miles of me & is thinking about dropping in for a visit, you might want to reconsider. And anyone thinking about calling me tonight to talk on the telephone, this is fair warning that I'm in a bad mood. I'm usually not in the habit of taking it out on others, but why take that chance, eh?!

Friends, relatives, & readers, potential commenters, you'll been duly warned. Best wait until tomorrow to make contact with me. The little random beasties are currently staging a potent biological takeover & it looks like they're getting their way.

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