Saturday, January 5, 2008

4 Blaine Moore Answers Your Marathoning Questions


Thanks to Cymrusteve, I found out about Blaine Moore's webcast/teleconference, in which he would answer our questions on marathoning that we'd previously submitted via email. All of the runners who were conferenced in today got the opportunity to chat with Blaine via webcast/teleconference, & listen to him talk about marathoning & of course, answer our questions. The call/session lasted an hour, & he gave very thorough answers.

He answered questions all sorts of questions on marathon training & recovery. Subjects included marathon training programs, race day preparation, pacing, weekly mileage requirements, & mental aspects of training & racing.

Towards the end of the call, Blaine read a great question that was actually quite humorous as well." If I recall correctly, the question was from a woman named Mary, & was as follows, "My question has to do more with the mental aspects of racing. What the heck do you think about for those 26.2 miles?!!!"

Blaine said that he didn't have a problem coming up with things to think about, as he often just looks around at his surroundings & thinks about his immediate environment.

He said that, from a competitive standpoint, it's easier to hone in on people in front of him, to try to catch up to them, or focus on people who are trying to gain on him, to try to keep them at bay, etc. He said that this is a much better strategy that focusing on mile markers, as it might be mentally deflating or fatiguing to you if you don't see mile markers for a while, or they aren't where you expect them to be.

He also recommended focusing on other people from a social aspect. He said that you'll find people who are frequently willing to chat with you during the race. This can be a lot of fun, & will help focus your mind occupy on things other than mile markers & water stations! Also, talking with other people during the race helps build a sense of kinship with other runners, i.e., what's most commonly referred to as "race-day camaraderie": During one particularly windy race, he was part of a group of runners who took turns shielding the wind from each other.

Of course, this is just one of the many questions he answered during the hour-long conference call.

Blaine's planning on digitally publishing his book on marathon recovery on January 15th (which also happens to be his birthday!). If you're interesting in finding out more details about Blaine or his book, or would like marathoning advice, please check out his blog Run to Win.

OK, I'll check in with you later. I'm going out for my run now!


Blaine Moore said...

Thanks for the great write-up! I appreciate that!

As a quick note, though, the link at the end should be: - my website isn't actually on blogspot.

Thanks for getting your question in, by the way - it was the last one submitted and provided a lot of the content for the call! It even managed to push two questions off to the next call that I had originally thought that I'd be answering yesterday until I got around to figuring out which order to answer the questions in. Heheh.

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Blaine,

Thanks for all of your comments! I just finished reading all of them. I very much enjoyed reading them all & have corrected the link at the end (Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out.)

You have a lot of great things to say, just like in yesterday's phone conference!

You're welcome, regarding my question. Thanks for taking the time to answer it! I thought you did a great job during yesterday's conference call. I was very impressed with the way in which you expressed yourself. You are extremely eloquent, & have superb public speaking skills.

Have you ever given motivational speeches before? If so, I can definitely imagine you doing something like this!

Thanks again for your generosity in sharing your expertise yesterday, & for taking the time to leave so many insightful & interesting comments here on my blog.

I wish you lots of success in your running & writing careers & will look forward to hearing more about the upcoming publication/release of your book!


Blaine Moore said...

I haven't done any public speaking for years. I went to a conference this past Summer and almost had an opportunity to get up on stage, but they wound up nixing the segment due to lack of time.

I was just happy to discover that I could get on a phone call with a dozen people and have no more trouble than getting up on a stage in front of people. I'd never done something like that before, but the first couple of minutes as I tried to figure the buttons out notwithstanding I didn't have too much trouble which was great.

cymrusteve said...

What an excellent call. I just downloaded and listened to the replay and was not only impressed with how Blaine presented himself but with the manner in which he answered the questions.

Blaine: a lot of what you say works for you, works for me too - your relatively low weekly mileage, the way you focus on chasing down runners ahead, the way you run your long runs are just a couple of examples. The only difference is you're younger and faster than me! Congrats on your Marine Corps finish by the way. Funny to think you were up ahead of me the whole way..

I'm glad it proved useful to you Corey - it sounded like you got a lot out of the call :)

Have a good week!


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