Wednesday, January 2, 2008

1 BMJ Study On Marathoning


I just saw a recent study on marathoning released by my sister's organization, the BMJ (British Medical Journal), that I thought I'd share with you, which was also mentioned on the front page of the Complete Running Network (CRN) website today (under the headline, "Run a Marathon, Save a Driver's Life").

While the study acknowledged some runners have died while running in marathons, it also noted that the road closures associated with these races saved even more lives. The exact figures mentioned in the article are these, as summarized by the CRN: "Over the past 30 years, 26 runners have died (via sudden cardiac death) while competing in marathons, but an estimated 46 traffic fatalities were prevented by road closures."

OK, while this is a morbid topic, it does also show that road closures are vitally important to marathon safety. And of course that's a really, really good thing!

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