Monday, January 21, 2008

2 Corey, What Happened To Your Other Blogs?! (Priorities, Priorities.....)


If some of you subscribe to "Ladybug Tea Co." & "Music Unbound," you might've noticed that these blogs are no longer accessible. I've decided to take them offline for now, because I'm just far too busy to maintain/update these blogs with new posts, & frankly, with all of my current irons in the fire, am spread way too thin. Something had to give, so it was these 2 blogs.

I did post replies to recent comments, and apologize if you've not had the chance to see these latest comments. If you're really curious, you can always just email me, and I'll see what I can do about digging up the comments you didn't get a chance to read. (Frankly, with everything going on in my life right now, these type of requests are a rather low-priority on my list of to-do's, but if you email me, I promise I'll get back to you at some point.)

Anyhow, I do promise that my running, cooking, jewelry, and JCrew blogs will all remain intact. While I can't promise how regularly I'll contribute to any or all of these blogs, I will say this: I do plan to continue my practice of blogging here after every run, at the very least.

And, if my past blogging history is any indication of posting frequency, you can probably expect that, out of all my blogs, that I will continue to post the most regularly here at this blog.

Yes, I am clearly the most dedicated to my running blog, as it's been a huge anchor in my life over the past year. This is even more so now, amidst all of the surrounding chaos and flux in my life right now. (So you can see why I posted that barrage of quotes about change. Now, perhaps it's all beginning to make sense..... ;-) )

The way I see it is that if you don't put your health first, then it's hard to handle any other priorities. And in my book, blogging about running goes hand-in-hand with running itself. Blogging about running is a motivational activity; and keeping a journal of my progress & writing articles about the sport is my way of staying mentally connected to, as well as focused upon, the act of running. And more specifically, writing about my daily runs helps me visualize/plan where I'm going with my running, as I'm sure it also does for many other runner-bloggers! And hopefully, what I write here will help other people as well, either to motivate or improve themselves, or to further their own self-awareness as a runner and human being, as well as their knowledge of the sport in general. Of course I don't presuppose any sort of omnipotent knowledge about the subject, but I do think that I have a lot to say about the sport, particularly with regard to training methodologies and the "runner's psyche."

On the most basic level, I certainly hope that you will find something interesting or useful in here as well!


As for the other blogs, the jewelry blog is my next priority, followed by the JCrew blog, and then the cooking blog. That doesn't that I still won't post from time to time on these other blogs, only that I'm more likely to post on these secondary blogs when I've got a specific reason to post: For example, if there's been some specific development or news, or something's caught my attention that I think is notable & worth writing about.

As for the cooking blog, I will most likely post recipes whenever I decide to try out new recipes (whether they be my own concoctions or other people's recipes). While I do love to dream up original recipes when the mood strikes me, I frankly don't have a lot of time right now to devote to this sort of activity. Due to my current job hunt & 5 zillion other activities, my "gourmet cooking" weekends (as well the associated inspiration for creating new recipes) have been in short supply as of late. ;-)

In many ways, I feel like a leopard that's been out on prowl for food: All unnecessary mental functions (i.e., creativity, etc.) have shut down in order to promote survival. ;-) It's like my job hunt has become this primal "beast" to which I must feed all of my focus and powers of concentration. OK, that's a rather dramatic analogy, but as I'm currently without a job, and am no longer actively pursuing my jewelry businesses anymore as a full-time career, I do need to find gainful employment rather soon!

OK, well enough about this. The good news is that there are several job possibilities in the works. So I'm definitely making progress in that area.

Anyhow, back to what I was saying about posting recipes on my foodie blog.....

Also, my other reason for not posting as many original recipes is that I've decided to reserve some of the as-yet-unposted ones for my upcoming cookbook. Sorry but I can't give them all away for free! After all, there's got to be some incentive to buy my cookbook. ;-) However, I think I've been extremely generous thus far posting a lot of these original recipes, and don't worry, I still plan to share a few more freebies before the book's been published. So there's still some time for you to try out some of these original recipes before the cookbook goes into publication.

OK, well that's it for the update on my blogs. Hope you're all having a nice holiday today! (Today's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which is a national holiday observed by most American places of business, for those of you who are wondering what I'm talking about.)


cymrusteve said...

Awww, shame about the Music Unbound site, but I understand - something definitely had to give, right?

I must have been one of the unlucky few who was working today, and quite a busy day it turned out to be too!

Glad you're keeping this blog #1 priority and also really pleased to hear you have some irons in the fire with regard to the job hunt.

Fingers crossed...


cyberpenguin said...

Hi Steve,

You're not alone! I know many others who had to work yesterday.

At any rate, hope you had a good day at work!

It's not so unusual to work on MLK Day. Many corporations don't give their employees this day off, but usually compensate by giving other days off. Regardless of whatever holidays you get, it usually ends up evening out in the end. The number of holidays is usually the same, it's just the details that differ.

(For example, even when I worked at a nonprofit -- which in fact, closely followed the government's schedule for other things like snow days, etc. -- we didn't get this day off. ;-) But we did get the day after Thanksgiving off, which was really nice, etc.)

Thanks for your well-wishes regarding the job hunt. Hope to have some good news soon to blog about! ;-)

Hope you're having a good week!


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