Friday, January 11, 2008

4 Do You Dream About Running?


It's been said & written that dreams are a way to test out new scenarios. Well, I think that's what my brain was doing last night while the rest of me was sleeping!

I woke up this morning, having dreamt an exceptionally vivid dream about running the L.A. Marathon (which I've never even attended let alone run!). In the dream, I'd completed the race somewhere in the realm of 5-6 hours.

The funny thing is that there was this big downhill sequence in the dream, towards the end, where I was flying downhill at great speeds than I (or anyone else for that matter) could probably run in real life. I remember somehow knowing that I was flying downhill at a speed of almost 50 miles per hour! Of course this part was completely unrealistic (as I would've had a much better finishing time had I run at that speed! Hahahaha!) & frankly rather ridiculous (What am I, as fast as an automobile?! It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's "Superwoman"! ;-) ), but upon waking, it certainly gave me something to chuckle about.

Well, other than that last part about the 50-mile-an-hour running speeds, my finishing time in the dream is probably a fairly realistic & attainable number, especially for a first marathon. ;-) Of course, I'd love to say that sure, I could certainly run a 3-4 hour marathon, (& maybe I will eventually, after there are quite a few marathons under my belt!), but with my current 11-minute mile pace on a good day, which would more than likely turn into a 12-14+ minute mile pace at this much longer distance, I realize that the finishing time I dreamed about will probably be fairly on the mark!


So, is this a sign that I'm fated to run in the L.A. Marathon? Who knows? My subconscious apparently wants me to consider the possibility! ;-)

I think the reason this particular marathon stuck in my head is that I remember that L.A. was the scene of a very memorable marathon that I'd watched on TV many, many years ago, probably back in the '80s. I can't remember if it was during a televised broadcast of the 1984 Olympics or the annual L.A. marathon.

What I do I remember is the cameras focusing on this American fellow who had blondish-brown slightly wavy hair, and was tall & string-bean-like. He was a contender to be a finalist in the race, so I don't think it was the 1984 Olympics, as I just checked the results of that particular Olympic marathon online. The announcer gave a brief biopic on his life; all I can seem to remember is that he was studying to be a medical doctor. I think his name might've been Robert, but am not exactly sure. I remember thinking that the fellow had a fairly amazing life story, & had accomplished some pretty incredible things thus far in his lifetime. Just the fact that he was in medical school & marathoning -- two activities that take an enormous amount of time & dedication -- was a feat in & of itself!

So, does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone remember watching a marathon in L.A. in the mid-to-late 80's (or possibly early 90's) with a fellow that fits a similar description? Was curious to know the name of this fellow & if he's gone on to win any other major races or set any records, etc., etc.


But let's get back to my original topic: Dreaming about running marathons or about running in general.

Have any of you dreamt about running or running a marathon? Do you remember details like where you were running, how fast you ran, or if you were racing, what race you were running? Do any of your dreams ever play out in reality? If so, which ones have come true & why do you think they came true?

So, if you'd like to share anything on this topic, you're welcome to comment on this post. Would love to hear from you about this, as it's a simply fascinating topic!

Hope you're having a good week, filled with great runs & sweet dreams! 8-)



Blaine Moore said...

I remember watching the L.A. marathon on television when I was a kid - maybe 14 or 15 years old - and the rabbit who was hired needed to run the first half of the race in a specific pace to get his payday. I forget who it was...Paul Pilkington maybe? It's been a while.

Anyway, he ran his pace and he still felt good, so he didn't bother to stop. None of the competitors actually went out at his pace, so when the second place guy crossed the line he thought that he'd won, even though the rabbit had cross 30 or 40 seconds before him. He didn't find out that he wasn't the winner until the awards ceremony; everybody just assumed that he knew he was in 2nd.

He had a huge fit and complained that the rabbit, who had rabbited a number of races over the previous few years, had always dropped out at the halfway point and should have had to here as well.

Yeah, he stayed in second place.

Gillie said...

I've never had a dream about a race that I wasn't going to run, but I've had dreams about races that I will be running. In fact, I've noticed that my dreams are either about running or work. Nothing else. You would think I would dream about women at least once in awhile!

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Blaine,
That's some story! I wonder if it was the same guy I saw. Do you remember what year that was?

Hi Dave,
Yes, that seems to happen to me too! ;-) You probably dream about running or work the most because those are most likely your primary focuses, & also the places where you are "working out" various scenarios in your mind. So not dreaming about women might mean that you've got everything squared away in that area! ;-)

Blaine Moore said...

I don't remember specifically; maybe 1994 or so if I was going to guess?

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