Friday, January 25, 2008

7 Expect the Unexpected....


Tonight's joint run with my friend & my solo run were postponed, as there wasn't enough time to do both runs (or even one of the runs!) before the start of tonight's 7:30 pm showing of "Spirit of the Marathon." I'll probably end up doing my solo run tomorrow, & my friend & I are making tentative plans to run this weekend, possibly either this Saturday or Sunday.

Now I know of course that you'll probably all anxiously awaiting my review of this movie. ;-) LOL. But before you get too excited, I've decided to let the whole experience settle in a bit, and also give myself a bit more time to make sense of the chicken scratch I haphazardly scrawled onto a small notepad in complete darkness!

I certainly feel like a reporter or a movie critic, (or perhaps more like a ten-year old about to give her first school book report)!

But after looking at my notes, which run diagonally across the page and often overlap each other, I'm beginning to think that maybe I missed my calling in medicine! Hahahahaha! I'd be really good at writing really unintelligible prescriptions -- No problem at all! ;-)

Overall, Erik & I really enjoyed tonight's movie. Of course, since you can read the movie synopsis on the official website, I'm not going to retread ground that's already been covered. Instead, I'm going to share my impressions of the movie, touching upon overriding themes and interesting highlights.

So, for those of you who saw tonight's film, I'm curious to know what you thought of it? Any profound thoughts or reactions? If applicable, how did the six individuals' stories compare to your own marathon training/racing experiences? Which stories particularly resonated with you? Which marathoners did you identify with most, and why? If you are brand new to marathoning, did watching this movie inspire you to take on the challenge of running your first (or second!) marathon?

Of course, I plan to stop by the blogs of people whom I know saw the film tonight. But not until I write my own review first, as I don't want to be influenced one way or the other or unintentionally mimic other people's thoughts or reactions. This way, I can write instinctively, & capture the essence of the words as they spring from my heart & mind. But of course, I'm very curious to read these people's blog entries, & hear what they have to say about the film! (Will have to reign in those wild horses of anticipation & hold off for now, until I get that blasted review done. ;-) )

I know it's probably best to knock out this review while the movie's still fresh in my mind, but the review's going to have to wait, as it's very late & my sleepiness is winning out! Hopefully the notes I took will keep me in good stead until I can find the time to do the movie write-up, provided I can make heads or tails of what I wrote! ;-)

Have a good night & will probably check in again sometime tomorrow......



running private said...

Unfortunately this movie didn't air on our side of the puddle and I don't think there's any plans to, so us Europeans have to wait until the DVD release...

Tim Wilson said...

Looking forward to your review!


tootie said...

I missed the movie last night, but I'm hoping to see the 'rerun' (forgive the pun) of it, showing at the end of Feb (I think).

Looking forward to seeing your review. :)

Blaine Moore said...

I enjoyed the's a link to my review that you can use after writing your own.

I don't know how closely I necessarily identified with any of the runners, but there were certainly aspects of each one that I remember from my own early days of marathoning. The coverage of the race itself was great, and brought back even more memories - I can't wait until I get a chance to run Chicago. It looks like a lot of fun.

While the hippopotamus scene was humorous, it really wouldn't have fit in with the rest of the movie. I think that the scene with Deena cooking should have been in it, though. She seemed less wooden in the post-production interviews than she did in the movie.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I watched the movie last night. We both loved it and left inspired. She has run a marathon, and I a half. We are both in the begining stages of training for a marathon later this year, and this movie was a great way for us to get started. Inspired me so much, last night (well actually early this morning) I started my own blog to chronicle my attempt at running a marathon. You can find it at
I enjoyed how the movie documented runners from all different experience levels. I would say that I most identify with Leah. She was a first time marathoner as I am, and she stated she was doing it to somehow regain her life. I feel like my goal to run a marathon is so much more than just running, I have gone through a lot these past two years, and hopefully this is a way to put my stamp on the end of that chapter.

Eric Gervase said...

I too identify with Leah for the same reason. From an enjoyability standpoint, Jerry was my favorite. From an inspiring standpoint, I loved Deena's struggle through injury and elite racing. I also liked Deena post-movie better than during. But, since I watched the whole thing (bonus footage included), I kinda looked at it all as one big thing.

I really felt for Ryan Bradley with his injury struggles... That was tough to watch.

Mabli Mac said...

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