Thursday, January 24, 2008

0 Nutrition Tip #8: The Scientific Reasoning Behind the Sweeth-Tooth Phenomenon


OK, this is a really weird coincidence. I was just blogging about sugar cravings, & lo and behold, I just hopped over to my blogger-pal Dana's blog, Run Granola Run, to check out what was going on over there, and what do I see? An article explaining the scientific basis for what I like to call "sweet-tooth-itis."

Maybe this article will help you fellow sugar-addicts out there, to better understand what you're up against. So check it out!

I submitted her article to Digg, so if you'd like to digg her article, please be sure to digg it by clicking on the pink Digg link below. (Again, to avoid duplication, please do not click on the yellow Digg button which appears at the upper-left corner of this blog post. The original article is the one that should be dugg, and not my post. After all, I'm only giving the author a shout-out & not really posting much original content, other than providing my brief commentary about her article. Dana's actually the one who should get all the credit for her useful & well-written article.)

Below is my description of her article, One Sweet World as it appears on Digg: "Dana goes in search of the scientific reasoning behind increased sugar palatability,a.k.a., sugar-cravings, and discusses why so many food products in the market place have become increasingly sweeter. She also examines the effect of this output of sweeter foods into the marketplace."

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