Monday, January 14, 2008

0 Oops! Made One Small Correction


There are those of you might recall that two days ago I blogged about finally getting to the last week of Phase 1 (BTHR). Well, actually I'd discovered that, while I correctly completed & recorded Day 1 & 2 of Week 4, that I mistakenly skipped ahead to Day 3 of Week 5 in my last post. As it turns out, this oversight was of no consequence (save any confusion caused by the post itself), because the runs themselves were the same (i.e., 60 minutes of running at a slow pace).

Maybe that mistake was just wishful thinking on the part of my subconscious (LOL!), but I've since corrected the mistake on that post.

Just thought I'd mention it to those of you who follow my weekly running progress, in case you were confused or were wondering what happened to Phase 1's final week of runs I was supposed to do! If not, then just completely disregard this post! ;-)

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