Tuesday, January 1, 2008

3 Run 1, Week 3 (BTHR): A Little Procrastination (Times Two!), & Finally, A New Year's Day Run!


After we finished our previous run together, my friend & I made plans to run together again today, but alas, it was not to be. She called me around 5 pm, & we made plans to instead run this Wednesday after she finishes with work.

I was also going to run my solo run at 1 pm today, but instead ended up postponing the run until 6 pm, having procrastinated via a multitude of activities -- laundry-folding, unpacking, blogging, & then yapping on the phone with my mother & then my friend, & in that particular order.

In fact, I had left my parents' home very early today (i.e., 9 am) in order to get back in time for both runs. While I was home by noon, & changed by 1 pm, I just couldn't seem to motivate myself out the door without first taking a little downtime (i.e., blogging & blabbing!) & then cleaning up a bit after getting home. Even though I didn't make it out the door until 6 pm, atleast my solo run still happened, & my joint run's happening tomorrow. So, it's not such a big deal.

The one not-so-good thing about waiting to run is that it got considerably colder, dropping from 48 degrees at 1 pm to 43 degrees (plus wind chill factor) at 6 pm.

Today, my running schedule called for a fast 35 minutes. In reality, that translated to 4 laps in 33:40 minutes, & a total of about 4.25 laps in 35:15 minutes, or about 5K (or 3.145 miles). That's approximately somewhere between an 11:12-11:22 minute mile, depending on which lap time you use. Could be better, but it's not bad either.

Over the next week or two, I'd like to cut my 5K time down to an 11 minute mile, on average, which should be easy, because I've already done it before just a week or two ago. Of course, it was an isolated incident, but just the fact that I've done it before is evidence that it's possible to do again. ;-)

Over the next few months, I'd like to get down to a 10 or 10:30 minute mile pace. I know it doesn't sound like such a big step to some people, but it does take time for a person to whittle down their pace. And especially since I've been having on-&-off knee issues, I know I've got to be extra careful to take things slow & to not overdo it. So that'll make this goal extra challenging. ;-)

While I don't typically complain about my knees, I still will acknowledge when they are hurting!

Speaking of which, I just started taking 2 glucosamine chondroitin a day (for joint health), at the recommendation of my father & sister, who are both medical doctors. I'm taking this in addition to my usual pre-run Ibuprofen pill-popping ritual (i.e., only 1 pill) & regular vitamin line-up. Hopefully this combination will do something to help ameliorate some of the occasional post-run knee soreness I've been experiencing on & off. So far, so good, as there's been no post-run knee discomfort/pain tonight. (I'm crossing my fingers as I type this! ;-) )

I was joking yesterday with Erik that I was at almost at the point of succumbing to that hilarious late-night infomercial, Dr. Frank's Joint & Muscle Pain Relief No-Pain Spray, or as I like to call it "Dr. Frank's jacked-up joint juice." ;-) Apparently, a blogger's already written about the ridiculousness of this purported cure. If you're curious to hear what he has to say, check it out at this link right here.


I love running so much that I cannot bear the thought of not being able to do it anymore. I have many friends & relatives who can no longer run, due to various reasons. Their cautionary tales are what continually remind me of what's at stake & also serve to reinforce my moderate exercise behaviors. So, I'm going to be careful, take it a day at a time, & try not to do anything stupid!

In general, there are so many reasons we runners should be thankful that we can run.

While I was running around the lake today, I passed by a little girl in a wheelchair who was being wheeled around by her parents. I have no idea what her circumstances were -- i.e., if she was recovering from an illness or surgery, or if she was permanently disabled. Whatever her situation, it certainly put my own knee troubles in perspective.

At that precise moment, I thought, "My goodness, I feel so fortunate to have the use of my legs & to be able to use them for running." I don't take them for granted at all! I appreciate every day of running that I have!

I know there are many wheelchair-bound individuals who lead athletic lives, so I'm not saying the above out of pity or insensitivity. (I also know people who can no longer run-- due to injury or minor disabilities -- who've found other sports to do.)

I am just acknowledging that I appreciate the use of my legs! I know this statement might sound stupid or obvious to some, but I don't care, because it's something I think about a lot, especially since I know/knew/have known people who no longer have/had the use of their legs anymore -- both old or young persons -- and it really does make a person appreciate the simple gifts of our lives that many of us average folks just take for granted.

So that's something we runners can all chew on as food for thought this New Year's Day. If you're feeling unmotivated to run right now, or are thinking that it's just too cold/snowy/miserable outside to run, & just don't feel like heading out the door for your run, just think about the simple beauty of the fact that you are one of the lucky people who can run! What a beautiful gift!


RunValerie said...

I love this quote. "...It got considerably colder, dropping from 48 degrees at 1 pm to 43 degrees a 6pm." I live in DC. During December, 43 degrees would be the high.

Keep up the good work. I've been running for 3+ years and I've never dropped below an 11:30.

Abimars said...

I run because I can.......

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Abi,
Yes, you summed it up quite nicely. Very well put!

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