Monday, January 14, 2008

0 Run 1, Week 5 (BTHR) + Freestyle Run (CT5K): Two Runs Followed By Thai Food


This post is going to be a short one:

Went for my solo run at 5:54 pm. It was 40 degrees & slightly overcast. It was a bit nippy at first, & I was wearing 3 layers on top, & the usual fleece accoutrements (gloves, headband, & neckwarmer), & slightly heavier running pants. By the end of the run, I was no longer wearing the gloves & the heavier outer fleece; however, I quickly put them back on for my second run, as it got considerably colder after a mere 40+ minutes!

For this first run, I ran a total of 5 laps (3.7 miles) in 41:45 minutes, or an 11:17 minute mile. This is a big improvement over the majority of my previous 3.7 mile finishing times. (However, a week ago on 1/8/08, I did best my time so far this season for this distance, clocking 41:30 minutes, or an 11:12 minute mile.) Nonetheless, it's still in keeping with tonight's schedule, a "fast" 40 minutes of running.

At the 4-lap marker (2.96 miles), I'd clocked 33:19, or an 11:21 minute mile pace. So, as you can see, I picked up the pace for the final (fifth) lap & thus managed to shave a few minutes off my total time.

Next, I met my friend for the second run at 6:30 pm; as mentioned previously, we did an intermediary run before tackling Day 3 (CT5K), of two 10-minute running intervals interspersed with a 5-minute walk.

By this point, the temperature dropped to 32 degrees (plus wind chill!) for our second run. Actually, my friend took special care to point this out to me, which is how I know exactly how cold it was! ;-) Was proud of her for sticking it out in the wind & the cold, & for completing the two 10 minute runs without stopping.

After our run, she treated me to dinner at a Thai restaurant; we had a great time & it was a very sweet thing of her to do.


One last comment: You might've noticed that I've revised & also added content on my sidebar, regarding season & personal bests, & the outline of the BTHR program.

(Also, as I was filing through the archives, I noticed some minor inaccuracies in my pace calculations, which I've since corrected.)

Anyhow, just thought I'd point out that I will now be tracking & updating my PRs & season bests on a regular basis, in case any of you are curious to know my best times thus far.

OK, have a good night & I'll check in with you again soon!

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