Wednesday, January 2, 2008

0 Run 1, Week 5 (CT5K): Another Treadmill Run + Looking Ahead to Road-Racing


My friend & I did some treadmill running around 6 pm tonight. Factoring in wind chill, the temperature was a mere 16 degrees outside! It was so cold that we jump-started our workout by running across the way (very quickly!) to the gym!!!!!!

My friend's going to see if she can squeeze in a run (on her own) this Sunday, most likely repeating today's workout, & then we'll pick up with Run 2 of the CT5K program next Tuesday.

We chatted again about possibly doing a 5K race together this summer. It's an exciting prospect to think about, as I can't wait for her to experience the fun & the camaraderie of the road-racing environment. And she'll get her race T-shirt, as a symbol of her accomplishment!

As many of us runners already know, collecting race T-shirts can turn into an addiction. There should probably be a 12-Step program for that. ;-) Hahahahaha! But seriously, I can't wait to get back to road-racing. Hopefully, Erik will join us for one or more of these upcoming races.

I've roped some of my family & hometown friends into the idea of running a race together, probably a 5K distance near to where they live. ;-) And a few months back, I signed up my entire family, including Erik, for an RRCA membership, so hopefully a few of them will actually make use of it! 8-)

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