Thursday, January 10, 2008

0 Run 2, Week 5 (CT5K) + Run 2, Week 4 (BTHR): A Little Sleet's Not Going To Stop Us!


No, that's not a misprint you're seeing in the title. My friend & I decided to repeat Day 2 (CT5K) tonight, in order to give her a bit more time to acclimate, as she's only been running twice a week for the last few weeks & so, it's going to take her longer to increase her running times.

We ran at 6:15 pm tonight, & this time, did all of the running intervals (i.e., two 8-minute runs & a 5 minute run) exactly as we were supposed to do! No extra intervals tonight! ;-)

I know she's dreading Day 3, which is a solid 20-minutes of running. So, in order to prep her psychologically for the idea, I told that next we'll do an intermediary workout of two ten minute runs interspersed with a 5 minute walk. And then the following run, we'll do Day 3 together. This makes the idea more approachable, as she'll hopefully feel more prepared to take on the task. Right now, it seems to help our cause when I make "deals" or "bargain" with her, because it helps her focus on the psychological rewards & makes the larger goals seem manageable. Of course, it's better to move forward in little steps than to stop moving altogether. I find this idea to be true, not only in running, but also in life in general.

She didn't get her third run in last week (i.e., this past Sunday); she told me that one of the reasons she finds it hard to run on weekends is that the area where she usually runs is just way too hilly. It's clear that she feels overwhelmed (& possibly also a bit discouraged) by the prospect of running up really steep hills right now. So I told her about an a great area to run, which has a much flatter course, & is very near where she lives. So hopefully this suggestion will help to lower the resistance barrier, & make it easier for her to get in her third runs of the week.

Right now, I think my friend's biggest challenge is overcoming her own mental barriers to exercise. Of course, a person's state of mind is not a fixed entity, & I think that as she progresses, her attitude towards exercise and running are likely to change/improve. As she keeps running week after week, I hope that she'll start to feel like it's part of her day, and will actually look forward to running. I know if she's reading this right now, she's probably laughing & saying "Yeah, right!" But the fact of the matter is that she is running of her own accord, and so, despite her sarcastic jokes about her running, some part of her actually wants to run! ;-)

At the tail end of our joint run, it started to sleet. We finished our run & did one final lap of walking to wind down. Right before we said goodbye, my friend called out me, "Don't you want to run inside on the treadmills?" And I replied, "That's OK, it's really not that bad outside. The sleet's not coming down that heavily & the individual chunks are spread out, so I'll just run in between the raindrops!"

Even though I wasn't wearing my waterproof gear & wasn't about to run home to get it, I wasn't even tempted to run indoors. I knew the fuzz in my heavy fleece parka would hold off a lot of moisture before I started to feel soaked! Also, as I've mentioned before, I'll take running outside over running on a treadmill any day, even in bad weather. I know there are many of you who have expressed similar opinions on the matter!

So anyhow, we said our goodbyes & then I started my solo run at 7:37 pm. Tonight's schedule was supposed to be 40 minutes of running at a moderate pace. So I did the first 4 laps in 35:15 minutes (or about an 11:54 minute pace), & the full 5 laps in 43:50 minutes ( about an 11:50 minute pace). Not the greatest time I've ever clocked, even for a "moderate" pace, but nonetheless I felt pretty energetic during my run.

It was about 48 degrees tonight & didn't stop sleeting until I was almost done with lap 3. I was wearing two layers on top, a heavier fleece parka & long-sleeved top, my running pants, fleece neckwarmer & headband, & gloves. The rain & the cold didn't bother me too much, as I was actually feeling pretty good, despite the weather.

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