Saturday, January 5, 2008

1 Run 3, Week 3 (BTHR): It's WARM Outside, Relatively Speaking! ;-)


I started my run at 4:21 pm. It was 44 degrees. It was slightly windy, but compared to the weather of the previous 2 days ago, it felt like a sunny stroll in the park! ;-)

Today's running schedule called for 60 minutes of running at a slow pace.

About 2 or 3 laps in, I ended up accidentally hitting the pause button on my iPod stopwatch (yes, I know, I need to start using my Garmin Forerunner 201 instead!), so I wasn't sure what my pace per lap was by the usual marker point, i.e., 4 lap (or 2.96 miles). But no matter, because the stopwatch recorded my start time (4:21 pm) & end time (5:31 pm), so I was able to calculate my average pace over the entirety of the run.

Again, I took did my usual pre-run Ibuprofen/glucosamine chondroitin pill-popping ritual, which seems to be helping a great deal, as not only did my knees feel great -- there was absolutely no inflammation or soreness today during any point of run or afterwards -- but my legs (& joints!) also felt pretty strong & fluid today. (No, thankfully there wasn't any fluid in the knees!)

It took about 2 laps to warm up. I felt pretty good until about lap 5, when I started to feel a tad bit tired. However by the end of lap 6 I started to pick up the pace again. I felt a shot of adrenaline as the music kicked in again (I was listening to some pretty great tunes!), & a little voice me inside said, "you know you can go faster." And so I did. By lap 7, I was still feeling pretty good. So, I decided to do an extra lap, just because I knew I could. So, at 0.74 miles per lap, 8 laps is 5.92 miles, or almost 6 miles. I ran these 8 laps in 1:10:00, or at an average pace of 11:44 minute miles. That would certainly be in keeping with the requisite slow pace I was supposed to do today! ;-)

I wonder if my running buddy's going to run tomorrow (Sunday). She mentioned on Thursday that she was going to make an effort to squeeze in a solo run then. I'll be meeting up with her this upcoming Tuesday, first for lunch with our friends, & then again, later that day, for our run; so guess I'll find out then.

OK, that about does it for tonight's post. Hope you're all having a good weekend!

Happy running!

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cymrusteve said...

Congrats on a very solid workout (and the extra lap of course!)

Glad the knees are holding up and responding to the pill popping :)

Question for you: do you log the number of miles on your training shoes? Just curious if that could be part of the problem for your knees. I've been guilty several times of putting too many miles on my shoes and if I look back at my log, it can be the cause of an injury. Just a thought....

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