Saturday, January 12, 2008

5 Run 3, Week 4 (BTHR): Only One More Week to Go Until The End of Phase One!


Today's run was a struggle, pretty much all the way through. For one, I didn't have time to do my warm-up walk beforehand (unless you count the walk across the street to where I run!). So I was a bit stiff, & thought the condition would eventually go away after the first few laps, but it didn't. And secondly, I once again got started late with my run, at 3:50 pm, & was in a hurry to get back, as I had to get back within the hour, to have enough time to shower, get dressed, & prep for tonight's dinner get-together, of which I'm the host.

The stiffness & the rushing around didn't help, but on top of that, I wasn't in a very good mood, probably as a result of the first two factors! ;-)

I kept vacillating back & forth with my emotions, at points being rather smiley & at other points getting rather annoyed with some of the more clumsy individuals who jutted out into my path. It certainly makes it harder to focus when you have people bombarding you & your efforts are spent circling around them, instead of trying to push forward & knock a few seconds off your time!

Speaking of circling, today I noticed the appearance of seagulls on the lake, which was rather odd for this location & time of year. I wonder where they are coming from. Maybe from the Maryland or New Jersey shore or perhaps from even farther away. I usually just see ducks & geese, but apparently Erik just told me that he sees the gulls in the morning, so maybe they are hanging out elsewhere during the evening! ;-)

OK, let's get down to the details of tonight's run, because I've got to hop in the shower & get ready for tonight's dinner in a few minutes: It was 48 degrees, & slightly overcast. Tonight's schedule called for 60 minutes of running at a slow pace. I did 8 laps (or 5.92 miles) in 1:01:25, but I don't think this time is correct (I bet I accidentally hit the pause button), because that would mean I did an 10:23-minute mile, which I have yet to accomplish. Overall, the run didn't feel fast enough to be that time either, & I wasn't putting in the kind of effort to make the run feel like this pace either. (The run felt slower than I normally run for the first few laps, then felt faster, & then slowed a bit on the last lap.) So, I think it's more likely that I ran closer to an 11:52-minute mile pace.

I know I ran the 8 laps, because when I was at the end of lap 7, I remember looking at my iPod & seeing 52:21 & thinking that that didn't sound right to me. Plus, I know I ran the first 4 laps in 34:18, or an 11:35 minute mile. Usually, on the longer runs, I tend to tire & slow down, not speed up, especially when I haven't been running the longer distances very long.

Also, I know I took even longer on the last lap (9:21 minutes!), because I accidentally hit the "Done" button after clocking the end of lap 7, & had to start a new timer for the final lap.

OK, at some point I'm going to whip out my Garmin Forerunner 201, but I have a few things I have to set up on my computer first, & I never seem to remember to do this stuff before my run!

When I was rounding the corner on lap 7, I remember thinking, "Only one more lap! Thank goodness!" But then I thought to myself, "Well, if I'm getting tired running 6 miles right now, I'd better change my idea of what feeling tired is all about." Of course, this was a reference to me wondering what 26.2 miles is going to feel like! As soon as I contemplated the marathon distance, I decided that I could probably run a few more miles if I absolutely had to at that point, as my "breaking point" in reality, was probably a lot further away. Of course, I wasn't going to do anything foolhardy just to prove a point, but I took comfort in the idea that the marathon was atleast 2 years away, & that I would have plenty of time to build up my mileage & stamina, to the point where I could hopefully run 10-15 miles without feeling as tired as I did running the 6 miles I did today.

I know that part of the reason for the fatigue was due to a lack of sleep. I haven't been sleeping very well lately, & last night was no exception. I only got about 5 hours of sleep, but amazingly wasn't tired at all when I woke up today.

Usually, when I run the 6 miles, I don't feel nearly as tired. So I'll just chalk it up to an off-day, & see how much better I can do next week.

Speaking of which, today marks the Week 4 of Phase 1 of the BTHR program. There's only one more week left in Phase 1! Yea!


One last comment: I've been trying an interesting experiment. I stopped taking the pre-run Ibuprofen & instead have continued with the glucosamine chondroitin. I noticed that my knees are actually responding well to this measure, so I'm going to continue doing this, as long as my knees feel good.

The other experiment I tried tonight is picturing a mental image of myself flying down the path, almost like I had done in my dream from last night. I kept visualizing this image, sometimes picturing the strides of some of my all-time favorite sprinters, like Jackie Joyner-Kersee, etc. Even as I was being bombarded with aimless people & small children, I tried not to think about them & instead kept this picture in my mind's eye. I even closed my eyes at one point & just pictured the motion of my limbs stretching out in a long & graceful stride, like a gazelle. I didn't have much energy towards the end of my run, so it took a lot of effort to keep my pace. Towards the end of the final two laps, I did try to go faster. However, since I don't have a real grasp on what my pace was, I have no idea if my visualization had any effect on my overall pace.

Oh well, better luck next time, as I'll make every effort not to accidentally hit the "pause" button again on my iPod!

Alright, got to get ready now. Hope you're having a good weekend!



Mister Scott said...

wow... it sure seems like things are goign well wit your training... congrats and keep it up!

greg said...

You know that the running police aren't going to knock down your door if you don't keep up with the schedule you set for yourself, don't you? Five hours of sleep? Good for you for getting out there. I don't that I could have done it.

Abimars said...

Well done on your run and glad to hear about your knee responding to the glucosamine chondrotin, just found about my mum takes it as well.

Bill said...

Your progress has been terrific Corey! I don't think the longer distances will be as daunting as you describe them - you've got the right mental attitude and that will carry you a long way.

Keep up the good work in phase 2!

cyberpenguin said...

Wow! Thanks, everybody, for your comments!

To Mister Scott: Thanks! I just visited your blog & commented on several of your posts! ;-) Especially loved the post you wrote about doing yoga with your dog! ;-)

To Greg: Hahahaha, thanks! Yes, I know that. The running police probably have all of our names on a list tucked away somewhere, but thankfully they've all been out on a doughnut run this week & aren't in any position to criticize! Heheheheh.

Thanks, Abi! If it helps any, I found that the triple strength formula is particularly effective. I swear the stuff works wonders..... Hope it helps your mom too!

To Bill: Thanks! It's certainly good to hear you say that! Thanks so much for your supportive comments. How has your running been coming along this season?

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