Sunday, January 6, 2008

4 Running Mantras - Share Yours Here!


I find that running mantras especially come in handy during the challenging bits of a training run or race (i.e., when facing hills, rough terrain, or stiff competition, etc.), or at those points when I begin to tire & need that extra bit of focus & drive to maintain or increase my pace. Running mantras are also a great way to steady the mind & body: They are useful for concentrating mental energies in a positive direction & for maintaining focus on proper running form.

I have a tried-&-true running mantra that I've been using for years. I can't remember exactly when I began using it, but if I recall correctly, I'm pretty sure that it's one that I made up when I was in my early teens, & I'd like to share it with you here:

"Long, strong, stretch, stride."

Of course, you're welcome to borrow it & try it on for size.

During yesterday's run, I tried out another running mantra, "Relax, power, glide," which Cymrusteve had mentioned the other day on his blog (in the comments section). Since it's a three-beat mantra, I found it useful to give the word "glide" an extra beat, in order to make the mantra flow seamlessly with my usual running rhythm, which tends to typically be two or four beats long. Of course, alternatively, you could give the other words ("relax" & "power") the extra beat. I guess it just depends on what word you need to focus on at that particular moment during your run.

I do like the above new mantra (thanks for sharing it, Steve!) & am going to incorporate it into the repertoire.

If you have any running mantras you think would be useful to others, you're welcome to mention them here in the comments section of this post. Also, if you end up trying any of these mantras -- either the ones I've mentioned above, or ones mentioned by other bloggers/commenters, please be sure to leave your feedback in the comments section as well. I'd be curious to hear which ones work for you best, & why.

I hope you enjoy the mantras listed here, & find them useful!


cymrusteve said...

Ah, thanks for the mention (another one for the collection!) and thanks for trying out my mantra. I like the fact that it's a 3 beat mantra, and like you, emphasize the "i" in glide.

Relax, Power, Gliiiiide

I remember Paula Radcliffe using a personal mantra to help her win the 2007 New York Marathon. Hers was "I love you Isla, I love you Isla." (Isla is her daughter's name by the way)

I'll be interested to see who else has a good mantra and will definitely try yours on one of my training runs this week.

"Long, strong, stretch, stride."

Like it :)


Blaine Moore said...

I've used mantras a few times in the past, but I rarely do these days. The closest thing that I do is regulate my speed through my breathing, which has the happy side effect of also helping me filter the smog out of the air I'm breathing if I am running near traffic.

One of my running tips newsletters has the method spelled out, if you want to read it: Running Easy can be Difficult

Basically, I breath in through my nose for two steps, out through my mouth for two steps. I can't breath out through my nose for more than a minute or two at a time or else it will fill with mucus, which prevents me from breathing in.

ady said...

Hey, do you have those nike shoes which you can hook to the ipod and see calories burn and Kms run etc. I think it is made for your type. :D.

Eric Gervase said...

No mantras here... The closest thing I do is, when the run gets tough, I tell myself "I have run (blank) miles/minutes in my sleep". It's always the distance/time I have left in the run and it works for me regardless of how much further I have to go. Don't know why. But, why fix what ain't broke, right?

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