Thursday, January 17, 2008

3 The Runs That Didn't Happen Today ;-)


It was snowing really heavily this afternoon and into early evening, so my friend & I didn't run together today, not even indoors, because the roads were fairly bad, and she just wanted to go straight home from work before they got any worse (i.e., icy!). Frankly, I don't blame her, as the roads were apparently very slick and slippery.

Well, under the circumstances, I'd even considered doing some treadmill running, so I could atleast get my solo run in for the evening, but that never quite happened. All day I'd been applying for and inquiring about jobs, making phone calls, sending emails, and tailoring my resume to various career opportunities, etc., and had rather conveniently lost track of time. ;-) True, my friend did call me around 4 pm to discuss our plans for that night, but then I just went back to the job hunt & promptly forgot to look up again at the clock. When I did, it was already well past 6 pm, and closing in fast on the next hour, and I knew I wouldn't be running outside in the dark and in the snow. And I frankly felt like hopping on a treadmill even less! (Most of you who are regular readers know that hell has to first freeze over, or atleast the road, before I'll typically jump on a treadmill, as I truly despise the blasted things. So I've got to be feeling pretty desperate about the weather conditions before resorting to treadmill running! Not to mention that treadmill running really bothers my knees even more than running on the road..... The forced pace of the treadmill seems to be a really unnatural stride and messes with my natural running rhythms and body alignment.)

Of course, when it comes right down to it, I didn't have any excuse at all for not running, other than me stressing out about various things on my plate that had absolutely nothing to do with running. And not surprisingly, over the last few days, I haven't been sleeping very well, and additionally had been doing some late-night noshing. While I didn't exactly go the usual route of "stressing out & eating everything in site," it still wasn't great that I'd be snacking at such a late hour. I think I probably gained a pound or two from the combination of late-night snacking & lack of exercise over the past four days, but I'll be damned if I'm hopping on the scale until I "feel thinner" again. Most likely, that'll happen after a few more weeks of consistent running and weight-lifting! Heheheheh.

Oh well, tomorrow's a new day, and a new chance to begin again.


cymrusteve said...

Don't worry about the lack of a run today. Knowing you, you'll soon be back and making up for lost time. Besides you have more important things on your plate at the moment anyway don't you?

It's funny you mention the treadmill hurting your knees even more than the road. The same thing happens to me which always amazes me as every book and magazine article says it should be a softer more forgiving surface. My shins always take a beating too!

Hang in there!


cyberpenguin said...

Hi Steve,

As always, thanks so much for your supportive comments!

I certainly agree with what you wrote: I know that missing a run isn't the end of the world; the more important thing is to just keep running! And, finding a job does, of course, take precedence. However, since running is certainly a great stress management tool, I still think it's especially important to make effort to keep running throughout such times! ;-) Of course, none of us are perfect, & we don't always succeed in fulfilling our best intentions, but I'd like to keep running as a key priority, second only to activities related to basic survival, like economic subsistence & sufficient, healthy nourishment for the body! (Hahahaha!) Yes, I think I need running that much! For the body and the mind. In addition to being a calming & centering force in times of stress, of course it's also great for "damage control" for one's eating & weight, especially when one's eating & sleeping schedule has become irregular due to stress. ;-)

(Thankfully, my sleeping schedule has returned to normal, & the eating's fairly healthy, although it's hard to tell about the amounts, since the late night munching episodes were often substitutes for dinner! Hopefully, my two runs today will help offset any weight gain!)

But enough about this topic!

Regarding the treadmill running, that's what I've read too! That's interesting how the treadmill each affects us differently -- your shins and my knees. And for you, it sounds like it's not just an issue of lactic acid buildup or a soreness caused by mere exertion, but rather that there's an actual hurt caused by the pounding itself.

Apparently, the support deck of a treadmill is supposed to be replaced every 6 months. Could that be a potential reason why your shins might be sore? Or perhaps it's due to something else?

I don't think that "soft" rubber surface of the treadmill belt does much to offset the body alignment issues caused by an unnatural stride. After all, what's under that so-called "soft" belt is usually either hard metal or wood! Atleast that's what I gather from what I've read. Maybe you know more about this?

Speaking of which, I found some rather interesting articles on the subject of treadmill running you might be interested to read: (The Orbiter treadmill is purported to have a softer treadmill belt than the average treadmill, so the experts at Baylor University in Texas & the US Army decided to see if this treadmill lives up to its claims.)
(This article discusses treadmill construction, & proposes a support chassis to correct known issues & to absorb any residual shock.)

OK, well hope your training is going well & I'll check in with you soon. Thanks for your email; I do plan to respond soon. Apologize for the delay!


cyberpenguin said...

Arrgh, I dislike how blogger cuts off long URLs. The last part of the Orbiter article should be "orbiter-treadmill.html." Now THAT extra piece of info should make it easier to get to that article! ;-)

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