Monday, January 14, 2008

4 Share Your Race Predictions Here


So, what are your predictions for your upcoming road races? Are you trying to set any PRs or just trying to finish?! ;-)

I'm betting that by this May, I'll be able to get down to atleast 10:30 minute-mile for the 5K distance, & will consistently crack an 11 minute-mile in the 6-miler. These are modest enough goals to be sure, & I'm clearly hoping to achieve more than that, but going by my existing times, these are my current predictions.

If you'd like to toss your ring into the hat & predict my times for the Run for the Roses 5K this June, be my guest. You're welcome to look at my PRs on the side bar &/or scroll through the archives which are labeled "runs" to see what my previously recorded times have been. Please keep in mind, it'll be my first 5K race in a few years, & it's also only the middle of January right now.

On your mark, get set, go! 8-)


Jim said...

I won't make any predictions about your performance, as I don't know you that well...other than to say that I'm sure you will be happy with your results but will also want to do better.

My predictions for myself ...I'm going to finish both the St. Louis and Chicago Marathons, run at least 900 miles, and generally just have fun. Hope you do the same--the "have fun" part, that is.


cyberpenguin said...

Good luck with your marathons! Hope you enjoy training for them & the races themselves.

Blaine Moore said...

I'll go out on a limb and predict 31 even for you. That's a nice round number to shoot for!

I haven't finalized this year's racing schedule yet. So far, I'm registered for a 10 miler in a few weeks, the ING Georgia Marathon on March 30, and the new Cox RI Marathon on May 4. Once registration opens, I'll be registering for the Beach to Beacon 10k.

Time-wise, I'd like to run sub-2:40 for the marathon and sub-16 for the 5k this year. I expect I'll have run around 2200-2500 miles by the end of the year.

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Blaine! Wow, those are some great goals & races to look forward to accomplishing. That's an amazing amount of mileage to rack up by the end of the year. How many pairs of running shoes do you think you go through in a year?! ;-)

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