Thursday, January 3, 2008

1 Fitness Tip #3: Get Useful Training Tips At!


Through Eric Gervase's blog, Stubborn Runner, I was happy to discover some great articles on running-related topics by visiting the website of a recent commenter named Bill, a.k.a. tbtgwacmtt. The website is called the The Half Marathon Training Experience, & topics range from basic subjects like "starting a new running program" or "finding a good place to run" to more specialized subjects like skin care for runners, finding time to run (when you have young children), kicking bad habits, lessons injuries can teach us, & of course, half-marathon training tips & techniques.

So check it out!


P.S. While there are many good articles here, I'd like to point out one particular stand-out, which discusses the mental benefits of running. This is a particularly salient topic, as many of us runner-bloggers seem to be discussing this a lot lately, both amongst ourselves & as topics on our blogs. Click here to read this article.

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tbtgwacmtt said...

Corey - WOW! A completely unexpected and kind thing for you to mention my blog! Thank you for the overwhelmingly kind words!

I was actually just thinking today how much I appreciate knowing that there is such a GREAT community of runner-bloggers out there. I'm already beginning to consider several of you as friends and we've never actually met!

I thank you and everyone else who takes the time to encourage and motivate me and I promise to 'pass it on' to others.

Thanks again,

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